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OE Stainless Handlebars with knurl replaces 56083-74 on FX
models 1974-81. Stock Pre-1982. 1" diameter.
VT No. 25-0416
Heritage Style Bars indented and pre-drilled for hidden
wiring, 31" wide, 8" rise, 7" pullback with 13" center width. 1"
VT No. 25-2149
Note: Handlebars include knurls with 2" spacing except
FXSTS type which have 3
" spacing.
Chrome Mini-Buckhorns are a modified scaled
down look and size of the original 70ís buckhorn. 1" diameter.
VT No. 25-0542
Two Piece Bars. Original Buckhorn type, knurled to fit stock riser
block on 1960-78 FL, 1" diameter on both ends enables snap
throttle to be used.
VT No. 25-0663
Swing Back Handlebar in 1" OD with indents.
VT No. Size
Chrome Beach Bars are 39" wide at grip with a 5" rise. 1"
VT No. Type
25-2169 With indents
25-2170 Without indents
1" Diameter Handlebars