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Chrome Billet Heel Toe Shift Lever fits 86-up FLT-FLHT mod-
VT No. Item
21-0335 Heel Toe
21-0673 Shift Peg (ea)
Billet Heel-Toe Shifter
Set fits 1986-up FLT-
FLHT models.
VT No. 21-0386
FLT Heel Toe Shift Lever.
VT No. 21-0681
FLT Shifter Levers
Chrome Shift Rod
Kit fits 1980-up
FLT & 2000-up ST.
VT No. 21-2039
Chrome 1985-up
FLT Shift Linkage
Kit includes arms,
rods and swivel ends.
VT No. 21-2122
Chrome Shift
Linkage Kit
replaces origi-
nal shift linkage
on 2000-up ST
models and
1980-up FLT-FLHT models and replaces 33814-98A.
VT No. 21-0502
FLT Shift Shaft Spacer Kits replace spacer 5702. Short types
are for use with heel/toe shifters, the long type is used to elimi-
nate the heel shifter or for use on
single shifter models. VT No. 21-0106 is the grease
elimination spacer, VT No. 21-0108 and VT No. 21-0107
includes anti-rattle washer.
VT No. # Type
21-0106 A Short without Ring
21-0108 B Short with Washer
21-0107 C Long with Washer
Inner Shifter Levers & Parts for 1982-88 FXR; 1980-up FLT.
VT No. # OEM
21-2057 A-1 34084-86 1986-up BT Inner Shaft
17-9769 A 34621-82 1982-84 FXR Lever
10-2489 B 60629-82 1982-84 FXR Bushing
17-9770 A 34621-84 1984-88 FXR Lever
10-2488 B 34632-84 1984-up FXR Bushing
21-2045 C 33728-82A 1982-up FXR, Linkage
21-2036 D 33718-82 1982-up FLT Chr Trans
21-2037 E 33709-82 1982-up FLT Shaft only
1994-2002 FLT Chrome Spline Cover
fits end of shift shaft.
VT No. 44-0047
Inner Shifter Levers and
Parts for 1982-88 FXR &
1980-up FLT
10-8529 G 33713-85 1985-99 FLT Bushing
10-8752 G 42642-00 2000-up FLT Bushing
17-0966 F 33715-85 1985-up All Chr. Lever
Chrome Fits Above Cover
21-2039 H 33719-79A 1980-up FLT Chrome
Rod Kit with ends
14-0556 I 11148
1982-84 FXR Quad
14-0538 I 11117
1984-88 FXR O-Ring