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VT No. #
Black Flame
Teal Flame
VT No. #
Blue Flame
Aqua Flame
Purple Flame
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Yellow Flame
Orange Flame
Red Flame
Hustler Series 1952-78
Hustler Double Bucket Touring Saddles feature extra full casted foam for plush comfort.
1952-78 # Style
47-0908 A MK V
47-8712 B Plush Buttoned
Hustler Gunfighter Saddles fea-
ture sewn inlay of colored flames
on rear pad area with matching
flame stitch and thread in front dri-
ver area. Original style includes
textured top panel in driver area
and silver chrome accent to sepa-
rate the driver and tail area.
Long Haul Saddles for XL models
1952-78 feature extra thick foam on
both driver and passenger area.
Available with or without chrome spots.
VT No. Style
47-2033 With Spots
47-2034 Without Spots
Hustler Hi-back Saddles feature self supporting back on steel baseplate for lasting
1952-78 # Back Style
47-0503 A 11" Softop
47-0658 B 11" Blaster Stitch
47-0359 C 10" MK III
47-0358 D 16" MK IV
47-0667 E 16" Double Bucket MK VI
1952-78 XL Hi-Back Saddles