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Spring Mounted for XLs
Solo Seat features naugahyde construction with 6" genuine leather fringe. Custom Solo style accepts 3" or 5" springs. Seat
measures 10" long by 9" wide and can be mounted with or without seat Ts. Matching pad features nickel spots and measures
10" long by 6½" wide. Order appropriate mount kit separately.
VT No. Fits
47-8681 Spring Concho
47-8692 Spring Fringe
Solo Seat & Rear Pad Combination for swing arm frame use.
Contoured steel baseplate allows seat to fit close to frame. Fits
VT No. 47-0308
Sonora Solo Seat Series features nau-
gahyde construction, steel baseplate, 2"
foam, conchos and nickel plated spots.
Measures 10" long by 9" wide. Purchase
chrome tab 31-4018 for external bolt up.
VT No. Fits
47-0685 1979-2003
47-8683 Pad, All
47-0685 Installed
Frame Mounted for XLs
Leather Solo Saddles are frame mounted to fit stock models.
VT No. Style
47-0755 1979-2003
47-0756 2004-06
47-0755 Installed
47-0755 Installed