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Dyna 2000 Digital Ignition Systems. Systems include Dyna
2000 HD-1 Ignition Module and a matched Dyna Twin Fire Coil
for each application.
VT No. #
32-0802 SFK-3 1994-up XL
32-0804 SFK-1 Pre 1994 XL
32-9118 Programming Software for 32-0802
32-9117 Programming Software for 32-0804
Dyna Twin Fire Ignition Coils are designed to work with Dyna
2000 HD-I ignition modules. Twin fire coils are slightly larger
than stock coils, fit the stock mounting bracket. Twin fire coils
can be used with any electric advance ignition system that
incorporates dwell control except Dyna DS6-2 or similar type
VT No. Dyna Ohms/Type
32-9285 DC6-5 3 (A)Twin Fire II Miniature Dual Output
Towers, Replaces DC6-3
32-9264 DC6-4 3 (B) Four output towers
Fits Dual Spark Plug
Dyna Application
DC6-5 All FXR-FXST and Dyna models
DC6-4 Dual Spark Plug Head Application
Dyna 2000i Digital Ignition available as a module only or
complete kits that include correct coil as listed. Features
include single or dual fire operation,8 advance curves, built in
tach driver, adjustable RPM limit from 6000 to 7500 and easy
static timing with built in timing indicator. Fits all 1970-98 carbu-
reted models and requires 1983-up sensor cup for 1982 and
earlier applications. Advanced Programming Software allows
mechanic or tuner the ability to fine tune 2000i ignition but
requires adapter harness.
VT No. Item
32-9151 Kit Single Plug/Single Fire with DC3-1
32-9152 Kit Dual Plug/Single Fire with DC1-1
32-9153 Kit Dual Plug/Dual Fire with DC2-1
32-9155 Kit Single Plug/Single Fire with DC6-5 miniature coil
32-9159 Module Only
32-9087 Sensor Cup
32-9052 Cup Screw, 10 pk
32-9120 Advanced Programming Software for Above Ignitions
32-9121 Software Adapter Harness for Above Ignitions
Sensor Cup Kit
includes special screw
to fit all “Sensor" type
ignition kits.
VT No. 32-0559
Twin Tec Internal Ignition for 1970-99
Models. Two advance curve families
with adjustable advance slope accom-
modate stock to highly modified
engines. Digitally set RPM Limit (100
RPM Steps). Selectable single or dual
fire mode. Coil outputs protected
against short circuits. Optional PC link
cable and software for programming
custom advance curve
VT No. 32-1005
Performance Ignition Modules for up 6800 RPM.
32-8007 32420-87A 1988-93 Evo XL 1-2
32-9327 32597-96 1988-93 XL
32-0525 32978-98A 1998-up XL 1200
32-0526 32979-98 A 1998-2003 883
32-9014 32408-90 Pre1990 Harness
Note 1: 1986-90 XL-883 models reworked to 1200cc
require module 32420-87A, 1986-87 XL-1100 models
reworked to 1200cc require module OEM 32429-86.
Note 2: Use 32-9014 harness to install ignition module on all pre-90 models.
Daytona Twin Tec Internal
Ignition Kit for 1971-97
Sportster models. Kit includes
ignition, coil and spark plug
wire set.
VT No. 32-3015
Daytona Twin Tec Internal Ignition Kit
for 1998-up Sportster models (except
1200S). Kit includes matching Deutsch
plug and harness for single fire conver-
sion, coil and spark plug wire set.
VT No. 32-3016
Daytona Twin Tec External
Ignition Kits include module, coil
and spark plug wire set.
VT No. Fits
32-3017 1990-93 Sportster
32-3018 1994-99 Sportster