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Belt Drive
Chrome Alternator Rotor Cover fits
major brand belt drive and open primary
set ups. Installs to completely cover the
steel alternator rotor.
VT No. 20-0238
Alternator Cover for Big Twins. Use on all Cone motors.
Designed to protect your alternator, also helps cooling by acting
as a heat sink. Has a mounting lug for belt shroud built in.
VT No. Item
20-0330 Polished
20-0331 Chromed
Chrome Big Twin Alternator Rotor
Cover presses over 1981-up rotors
for tight fit.
VT No. 20-0216
Belt Shroud and Side Guard Kit for alternator Big Twins with
1 1/2", 2" or 3" open belt drives. Includes chrome belt shroud
and polished side guard.
VT No. 20-0251
Frame Mount Kickstand Stop for use on all open belt drive
Big Twin by clamping to frame tube. Cut to desired length.
VT No. Fits
27-1729 1 3/8"
20-0303 1 1/8"
Chrome Pike Motor Nut fits BT
1955-up sprocket shaft.
VT No. 37-0890
Chrome Alternator Cover Set includes outer housing and
rotor cover.
VT No. 20-0337
Sealed Clutch Drum Bearing for belt drive
applications on Big Twins.
VT No. Years
12-0587 1985-90
12-0588 1991-up
Primo Belt Drive Clutch Hub Nut and
Adjuster Kit will prevent oil leakage
through the mainshaft when using a belt
drive system. Kit includes clutch hub nut,
O-ring and adjuster screw with nut. Note:
For Belt drive primary system only.
VT No. Year
Mainshaft Type
18-0200 1987-89 Tapered
18-0201 1990-up Splined
Acorn Motor Nuts for Big Twins with splined
sprocket shaft.
VT No. 7816-1
20-0331 Installed