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Big Guns II 1986-up
2" Over and Under Drag Pipes by Samson.
VT No. Heatshield
1986-2003 XL 883-1200
2" Over
Under by
2" Pipes fit 1986-up XL models. For 1986-06 applications pur-
chase the Ox Sensor Hex plugs. 2007-up models require rein-
stallation of Ox Sensors. Order baffle style as desired for
required back pressure. Use 27-0617 on 1986-03 models for
rear peg mounting.
VT No.
30-0987 2004-up
30-0383 86-03
31-0897 86-03 Bracket
30-0103 Baffles
30-0423 Plug Set
Samson Big Guns II feature 1
" head pipes with 2
" full cov-
erage heatshields. All Big Guns II come complete with mount-
ing bracket and hardware.
VT No. # Style
30-0030 F Cannons w/forward controls 1986-03
30-0406 F As Above
30-0043 S Classics
30-0407 S As Above
30-0044 T Long Cannons 1986-03
30-0408 T As Above
30-0045 U Street Sweepers
30-0409 U As Above
30-0046 V Slasher
30-0410 V As Above
30-0047 W Rip Saws
30-0411 W As Above
30-0050 Baffle Ring for Above
30-0046 V
Rinehart Exhaust Systems feature a unique header design
utilizing multi-bend radius technology a three step header pipe
that starts at 1 3/4" at the head increase to 1 7/8" and finish at
2", permanently mounted 2 1/2" full length heatshields, remov-
able performance baffle and polished black anodized billet alu-
minum end caps.
VT No. Years
30-0394 1986-03
30-0395 2004-06
2" Pipes
30-0987 Installed
Radii Exhaust Sets feature the “Quad Finishing" which
includes triple dura nickel and chrome as the final finish. After
chrome plating, pipes are normalized and dried @ 572° F for
the final finish process.
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