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ST Frame for Sportsters features 40 rake with 1" stretch and
includes the rear section, including pivot bolt kit. Frame accepts
readily available components for ST, which are available sepa-
rately including neck cups, flat side gas tanks, oil tank, 23-0587
caliper, rear fender, fender struts and fork assembly as noted.
VT No. Year
Engine Type
51-1036 1957-81
Iron Head
51-1037 1982-2003
Iron Head & Evo
200" XLST Frame Assembly
Kit includes chrome shocks, raw rear section and mount
VT No. Item
40-0026 Oil Tank, Raw
40-0025 Oil Tank, Chrome
44-0638 Rear Axle
44-0545 Adjuster Kit
24-0322 Neck Cup Set
23-0587 Rear Caliper
31-0221 Oil Tank Mount
31-2137 Front Mount Set
52-2033 17" Rear Wheel
50-0112 9" Rear Fender
50-1069 Struts, Smooth
31-0713 Top Mount
31-2137 Front Mounts
20-0598 136T x 1 1/8 Belt
20-0512 Pulley, Offset
23-8834 Rear Brake Line
Related Parts for 51-1037 XLST frame order separately.