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200 Series Rigid XL
200 Series Rigid Frame
Rigid Frames for Evo XL models by Wyatt Gatling. The frame
accepts 1" neck cups (VT No. 24-0253). Order oil tank and bat-
tery box separately. Accepts 1987-99 GMA caliper assembly VT
No. 23-9209 and a 200 tire. Frame has a 40 rake and 3"
stretch. Fits 1957-2003. Frames include kick stand tabs, sissy
bar tabs and battery box mounts.
VT No. Year
51-3575 1957-85
51-3525 1986-2003
51-3565 2004-up
Related Components for 200
XL Frame. Order separately.
VT No. Item
44-0148 Axle, 14.5"
44-0545 Adjuster Kit
20-0595 Belt, 133T x 1.125"
19-0589 Offset Sprocket (22T)
20-0512 Offset Pulley
31-0953 Front Top Mount
24-0253 Neck Cup Set, 1"
44-0785 LH Rear Axle Spacer
44-0786 RH Rear Axle Spacer
40-0404 Oil Tank, Round
40-0474 Round Oil Tank
42-9912 Battery Box
22-0370 Caliper Kit
42-0980 Front Pulley Cover
37-0889 Axle Nut Set
Note: On 51-3525 motor mount plates
fit inside of frame mount tabs as shown.
Oil Tank
Gas Tank 38-0196
Forward 22-0731
Rear Wheel 52-0653
Front Wheel 52-0677
Weld On Caliper Bracket Set fits
Rigid XL frame for left side use.
VT No. 51-0630