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BDL 3" Wide Offset Front Primary Drive Pulley. Use with
correct insert and nut for offset desired.
VT No. Item
20-0900 Pulley Only, 47 T
20-0935 1/4" Insert and Nut
20-0936 1/2" Insert and Nut
20-0937 3/4" Insert and Nut
20-0938 1" Insert and Nut
20-0939 1 1/4" Insert and Nut
20-0940 1 1/2" Insert and Nut
20-0941 1 3/4" Insert and Nut
20-0942 2" Insert and Nut
BDL Belt Drive Parts
20-0928 A Round Dogs 5-Spd
20-0929 A Round Dogs 4-Spd
20-0930 B Splined Hub
1990-up 3" only
20-0931 B Tapered Hub
20-0932 B Tapered Hub
BDL Front Belt Drive
VT No. # Item
20-0925 A Inside Belt Guard
20-0926 B Outside Belt Guard
20-0927 C Motor Nut 1955-up with washer
BDL Drive Parts
5 & 6 Speed Bearing Support
Plate for 1984-2000 Big Twins with
kick start. Billet Aluminum support
plate includes bearing.
VT No. 20-0250
Out Board Support Kit fits 3" BDL and York Unit
VT No. Finish
20-2022 Polish
20-2052 Chrome
BDL Ball Bearing Lock-Up Clutch. This ball bearing ramp
style clutch set reduces clutch slip for a more positive clutch
engagement. Available for all BDL belt drives with coil spring
clutch except top fuel drives. All Primo belt drive and pro-clutch-
es with diaphragm spring and all Big Twins 1998-07 with stock
clutch pak.
VT No. Fits
20-0036 BDL Drives
20-0037 Primo Drives
20-0038 Stock Clutch 1998-07
Belt Drive