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Chrome Cover Set fits 3" belt drives, VT No. 20-0645.
VT No. 20-0685
Install 3 Piece Cover Sets with 8-32 x 3/16 S.S. Buttonhead
screws. Use a #29 drill and 8-32 tap.
BDL “Super Street" 3" x 8 mm Belt Drive for 1990-2000
FXST models. Drive includes complete clutch pak featuring bil-
let clutch basket and aluminum hub with nine (9) Kevlar clutch
discs and eleven (11) steel plates, billet pressure plate, nine (9)
clutch springs for unrelenting pressure, polished motor plate,
polished clutch dome and polished belt guard.
VT No. 20-0645
Chrome Belt Drive Cover Set as shown,
VT No. Style
20-0005 Smooth
20-0755 Flame
BDL TF-1000 and TF-2000 “Top Fuel" Street Belt Drives for
1991-up FXST. Features 14mm by 3 3/8" wide belt, Kevlar
Nine Plate Clutch with 11 steels, special pressure plate that
uses nine springs for varying spring pressure. Drive includes
pulleys, belt, clutch pak, starter jack shaft, inner motor plate
with oil filter mount pulley domes and side guard. Polished fin-
ish. The TF-2000 features out board bearing support and pol-
ished finish.
VT No. #
Replacement Belt
20-0632 TF-1000
20-0635 TF-2000
14mm x 3 3/8 Wide Drives
BDL Belt
BDL SS2 2" x 8mm Belt Drive features ball bearing lock up
clutch that eliminates clutch dogs and uses an internal mill cut
basket to drive the clutch. Drive includes billet motor plate, pol-
ished cover, Kevlar clutch pac, front pulley, rear pulley and belt.
Fits 1990-up FXST.
VT No. 20-0009