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Motor Shop 1200cc Cylinder Sets include Wiseco fitted piston
and ring sets to be used with 1200cc heads only. Fits 1988-03
1200cc as stock replacement on 1200cc only. Can not be used
as Big Bore Kit for 883 models.
VT No. Finish Ratio
11-1200 Black 9:1
11-1201 Silver 9:1
11-1202 Black 10.5:1
11-1203 Silver 10.5:1
Cylinders for Evolution XL Models sold each. Cylinders sold
without pistons and are not honed for final fit.
Model Finish
11-0341 16446-86A 883 Silver
11-0343 16447-88 1200 Black Wrinkle 1988-03
11-0344 16447-88 1200 Silver
11-0342 16447-88 1200 Silver
11-0334 16463-04 1200 Silver
11-0335 16463-04 1200 Black Wrinkle 2004-up
Sifton Evo XL Piston Oil Supply
Squirter reduces cylinder temperature
and engine damage by cooling pistons
with extra oil supply. Increases horse-
power by reducing friction between piston and cylinder wall. Note:
Engine must be unassembled for installation.
VT No. Fits
12-0140 1986-99
Front or Rear
12-0142 2000-2003
12-0143 2000-2003
XL 1200CC Piston Kit includes 2 pistons, rings, locks, pins &
necessary gaskets for 1986-87 XL 1100 and 1986-88 XL 883,
883 models REQUIRE EXTENSIVE HEAD WORK using tem-
plate included in kit, replaces 16140-87, 25629-88.
VT No. Kit
11-0251 Complete top end kit
15-0664 Gasket update kit for 1990-03 XL
Replica EV XL Cylinder and Piston Sets are pre-fitted with
cast pistons and Hastings Rings.
VT No. Size Finish Fits
11-2608 883cc Silver 1986-03
11-2609 1200cc Silver 1988-03
11-2626 1200cc Black 1988-03
Each kit includes 2 Pre-Fit Cylinders with pistons and match-
ing Hastings Piston Rings, 2 Head Gaskets, 2 Base Gaskets
and Wrist Pins.
S&S 79" Sidewinder Kit for Evo XL model 883, 1100, 1200
models. Cylinders with forged pistons include rings, pins, and
gaskets. Fits 1986-2003. Note: Crank case and heads require
chamber modification which will determine compression
VT No. 11-0067
79" Sidewinder
Kits 1986-2003
Big Bore Kits *Machining Required*
Replica Cylinders for 1986-up XLs