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V-Twin Chrome Customizer Kits for 1986-90 XL models
includes chrome primary cover with inspection covers, cam,
rocker box, master cylinder and sprocket covers. Also included
is chrome brake pedal and chrome shift lever to add a finished
touch. Hardware for installation included.
VT No.
With brake/shift pedal
Without brake/shift pedal
Right Side
Left Side
Rocker Box
Cover Trim
Shift Lever
Cam Cover
Master Cylinder Cover
Brake Pedal
1986-90 Chrome Show Kit includes all acorn
nuts for engine.
VT No. Finish
7919 Chrome
7919-G Gold
Die Cast Primary Covers are manufactured from a casting process. It is the nature of parts produced from this process to have small random subsurface imperfections
that can be uncovered during the polishing process. These may appear as very small cosmetic imperfections after chrome plating. We also do not polish in areas that are
not readily visible once assembled on the motorcycle or by polishing machines such as small depressions or tight corners. As these conditions are common in polished
and chrome-plated castings, a reasonable standard of acceptability has been established to bring you the highest quality product at an affordable price. This part meets
Perma Chrome™ cosmetic standard. The aforementioned cosmetic conditions are considered reasonable for this part and are not considered warrantable.
Chrome Tappet Covers fit
1986-90, 4 pc. 42-0113 style
presses onto tappet block.
VT No. 42-0113
Chrome Cylinder Base Cover smoothes & chromes the area
below the cylinder base on left side of engine.
VT No. Year
42-0439 1991-03
42-1171 2004-up
Chrome Tappet Base Cover
is die cast one piece covering
the area from the pushrod
tube base to the cam cover.
VT No. Item
42-0444 1991-99
42-0447 2000-2003
Chrome Lifter Bar Base
Cover. Fits 2004-up XL.
VT No. Item
10-0565 Base Set
2224-8 Screw Set
15-1273 Gasket &
Pushrod Tube O-Ring Kit
Tappet Base Covers
Chrome Tappet Block Cover
Set features contour for perfect
fit over existing stock style lifter
blocks, securely held in place
by 4 chrome allen screws sup-
plied. Pushrods must be
removed for installation.
Original design by Motoy-
Accessories. 1957-85
VT No. 42-0115
1986-90 Customizer Kit