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Parts for Indian
Traveleer Style Bags without fringe for Indian,
include chrome mounting plates.
VT No. 48-3182
Steel Gas Lines, Nuts are included. Fits 1947-53.
VT No. # Type
49-4006 A Tank Divider Strap
49-4032 C With Filter
Panel Gasket
Cadmium Plated Oil Lines
VT No. OEM Year/Note
49-4031 I568016 1948-53 C & E
I568020 Feed-Return Alu. pump
49-3091 I568018 1948-53 G, Sump
49-4139 40153 1935-53 Oil Return in
1938-53 Scavenger
Quality Reproductions.
VT No. # Item
49-4017 B Front shock rubbers, pair
49-3069 Front mount bolt only short
49-3036 D Front mount plates w/o bolts
49-0052 E Large hole adjuster plate, pair
49-0053 F Small hole adjuster plate, pair
49-0054 G Medium hole adjuster plate, pr
Replicas for Indian.
VT No. # Item
49-4065 C Battery Cradle with Tray
49-4004 D 741 Footpeg rubbers
49-3023 E Ignition Wire Conduit with
Clamp, Chrome
49-3063 F Carb Support Bracket
49-3073 G Wire Conduit Bracket
53-0514 I 6 Volt Mini Battery
49-4066 K Battery Tray only
49-4056 L Spark Plug Guard
Gen. Bearing Cover
Zinc Plated Cam Cover
Screw Sets includes breather
tube and oil pump in fillister
type with washers. Early kit
includes pipe plugs.
VT No. 49-3047
Battery Box and Top accept 6 amp battery inside.
Original black finish and size for Chief including
terminals. Order harness separately.
VT No. Item
49-3074 Box and Top
53-0524 6V Battery for Above
measures 4 5/8 x 3 1/8 x 6 5/16
49-4079 1944-47 Harness
49-4078 1948-53 Harness
Indian Lapping Tools.
VT No. Type
16-1700 Crankcase
Indian Battery. Dry 29
VT No. Item
53-0528 Battery
49-4099 Top Clamp
Note :
Do n ot o
v e r fi l l ,
fi l l to c o
v er t o
of pl a t es o nl
y a s pe r i n st ru c ti on
v i de d .
Thi s ba tt e r
y v e nt s
ough the c a ps .
Th e re i s NO
a rr a nty L e ak a
e d ue o
v e r f i l l in g
Fender & Trim
VT No. Item
49-5004 Rear Fender
49-4108 Front Trim
49-4109 Rear Tirm
49-4134 Trim Bolts
Plug fits top and side of engine,
set, zinc plated.
VT No. 49-7557
Motor Shafts.
VT No. OEM Years Fits
49-3094 41044 1933-42 Sprocket, Sport Scout
Savannah Cams by Sifton
for Indian Chief feature .415
lift and a .285 duration to be
used with stock lifters. Order
pinion gear and shafts sep-
VT No. Year Item
49-8550 1936-53 Cam Set without shafts
Pinion Case Bushings for Indian.
Size O.D.
49-7638 504006
Std 1.817
49-7640 504006V .005 1.822
Top End Components for Chief
VT No. # Item/Use
49-3037 K Chrome Valve Spring Cover Set
49-4073 N Valve Guide, Standard
Keys, 10 pack
Year Fits
49-7542 538008
1922-53 Countershaft
Sport Scout 741
49-7546 100225 1928-53 Generator Pulley
Sport Scout 741
V-Twin Piston and Ring Kits for Indian Chief, 74"
(3.25 bore) include Hastings Ring Set with 3 compres-
sion rings (
/32" and a 1 piece oil ring,
/32") and wrist
pin with locks for 2 pistons.
Ring Set Only Size
Indian Chief Piston Pin includes locks, pair.
VT No. 49-7017
VT No. 49-3037
Chief Flywheel Group.
VT No. # OEM Item
49-8001 A
74" Flywheel Set
80" Flywheel Set
17-0939 E D200 Pinion/Sprocket Nut Lock Tab
17-0938 F 22B23 Crank Pin Nut Lock Tab
49-3086 G 39586 Pinion Shaft
Aluminum Head Sets for Chief.
VT No. Item
49-0055 Washer Set
49-7676 Head Bolt Kit for Chief
49-3056 1932-53 Chief Engine Gasket Set
49-3060 Cylinder Base Studs (8)
49-3009 Cylinder Base Nut Set, Zinc
GB Gasket
Set for
Chiefs. Kit
pieces pic-
VT No.
Gaskets for Indians.
VT No. OEM Item
15-1400 91800 Valve Guide to Spring Cover
15-1401 22B655 Chief Base Gasket with Metal
15-1404 74051-X3 Cam Cover, Chief .030
15-1407 75378B Chief Head, Blue Teflon
15-1410 85283-X Trans Top Cover, Chief
15-1413 85375A Inner Primary to Engine Chief
15-1414 85375B Inner Primary to Trans
15-1415 85375K Outer Primary Kit Chief
Indian Style Chum-me
Style Dual Seat is con-
structed of black leather
on a replica type ribbed
steel seat baseplate.
Fringed neo skirt is sewn
on. Fits all original seat
T brackets.
VT No. Item
47-0800 Saddle
49-4116 Hand Rail Set
Chum-mee for Indian