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Alto Clutch Sets. Available in fibers & steel. Sold Kevlar or
Red Eagle type. Both are bonded to steel.
Alto Clutch Sets For Big Twin Models
18-8281 1984-89 Red Eagle
18-8292 1984-89 Kevlar
18-8290 1984-89 Diaphragm Clutch Spring
18-8276 1990-97 Red Eagle
18-8299 1991-97 Kevlar
18-8315 1998-up Red Eagle
18-8316 1998-up Kevlar
18-8317 1998-up Diaphragm Spring
Steel Plates For Big Twin Models
18-8289 1984-90 Set
18-8286 1990-97 Set
18-8318 1998-up Set
Alto Carbonite Power Pack Clutch Kits for Big Twin include
friction and steel plates. Friction plates feature 3M carbon
based friction material to withstand high friction and heat tem-
peratures. Steel plates are melonite treated for better engage-
ment and cooler running. Order spring plate separately.
VT No. Year
18-0226 1984-89
18-0227 1990-97
18-0228 1998-up
Clutch Pak-Kit. Heavy duty factory “wet" type for Big Twins, complete kit includes our original bonded police Kevlar clutch steel
plates with diaphragm spring.
VT No. Year
18-3669 1985-89
18-3686 1990-97
18-5053 1998-up
Police Clutch Kit
Kevlar Clutch Sets Only,
order steels separately.
VT No. Year
18-3676 1985-89
18-0154 1990-97
Clutch Sets
V-Tw in
OEM Cross Reference Guide with
cross factory number to V-Twin Numbers on
over 20,000 items.
VT No. 48-0011
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Aftermarket Industry!