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1969-84 FLH Fairing & Hardware
Lexan Type
VT No. # OEM
37-0675 A 2921
Screw Kit with nuts
37-0676 B 5933W Spacer
(Bracket to fork)
37-0678 D 6261
Rubber Washer
51-0271 H 58181-78 Lexan Windshield
37-0679 K 58320-76 Fairing Trim Black
31-0535 L 58411-76A Brace Outer
31-0536 M 58412-76A Brace Inner
37-0680 N 58416-77 Adhesive Tape
For Beaded Type
51-0270 O 58164-69 Beaded Shield
9201-33 P Kit
Mount Bolt Set
31-3985 S 58048-50 Clamp Windshield
Chrome Windshield Trim fits Big Twin
shields on fairing models. Utilizes stock
mounting hardware. Foam backed to pre-
vent scratching shield. Fits L1977-85 FLH
not FLT.
VT No. 42-0339
FLH Replacement Screens fits FLH
with fairing 4 or 5 Speed.
VT No. Type
51-0271 Clear 18"
51-0273 Clear 7"
51-0272 Tint 18"
51-0274 Tint 7"
51-0271 Installed
Windshield Hardware Bolts feature
chrome acorn nuts and Phillips screws to
secure FL Beaded and Lexan Police
shields. Stainless molding clamps are a
longer version to attach top to center of
beaded shields, replaces 580408-50.
VT No. Item
U/M Type
31-3985 Clamps Pair
9200-33 Screw Set Chrome
9201-33 Screw Set Cad
FLH Shield Hardware includes 58107-
60, right and left extension, 58095-49 R,
58096-49 L fork brackets, for mounting
shield on all 1949-up Glide forks. If spot
light brackets are installed, 58095-49 R
58096-49 L must be omitted (4 piece kit)
VT No. Year Item
49-0167 1960-84 Complete Kit, 4 piece
31-9953 1949-59 Complete Kit, 4 piece
31-9954 1949-84 Pair
49-0170 1949-59 Extensions, pair
31-9955 1960-84 Extensions, pair
37-8793 1949-84 Mounting Hardware
Windshield for FLH
Chrome Wind
mount onto fork
brackets. Fits
1960-84 FL.
Replaces 58123-
VT No. 50-1007
Windshield Mount
Kit fits 1960-84 FL.
VT No.
1936-57 Spring Fork Clear
Windshield Complete includes zinc
plated fittings for mounting to handle-
bars. Mount kit is included with shield.
VT No. Item
49-0250 Shield Complete
49-0257 Top Shield & Lower
49-0264 Top Shield Only
49-0858 Clamp Set Only
Summer Windshield for Spring Fork models 1936-48,
includes lower apron as noted. Replaces 11292-36.
Includes zinc plated clamp set for mounting to handlebars.
VT No.
49-0251 Black
49-0262 Army
Windshields for Spring Forks