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Loctite Saddlebags recreated as on
1946-48 models, include chrome plates
to fit all rigid frames. Replaces 11785-43
in heavy black leather with orange
rosettes. Unique design lid keeps bags
closed and in shape. Measure 15" L x 5"
W x 14" H.
VT No. 48-3156
Speed King Saddlebags recreated in
black leather featuring bright speed-ball
wing emblems with chrome angle buck-
les & black piping. Available with chrome
steel mounting plates for Rigids 1936-57
or as bolt on fit for 1958-84 FL, Rigid
bags require 8205-8 mount kit.
VT No. 48-3151
Speed King
Loctite Style
1945-46 Replica Leather Saddlebag
Set includes chrome mount plates for
Rigid frames 3 buckle design.
VT No. 48-3170
1936 Style Knuckle Saddlebags.
Conchos and a five strap closure deco-
rate these bags which are restoration
quality for all 1936-46 Rigid. Include
chrome mounting plates. Measure 14
L x 5" W x 12" H.
VT No. Color
48-3121 Black
48-3144 Brown
Black Trim Bags are recreated with pip-
ing as the factory accessory of the
1940ís. Rigid frame sets fit Big Twin
1936-57. Swing arm sets fit 1958-76
FLH. Heavy leather construction and
stitching, includes chrome spoons, spots,
heavy buckles and stainless steel mount-
ing plates.
VT No. Year
48-3146 1936-57
48-0317 1936-57
48-0318 1936-57
48-3147 1958-76
48-0150 1958-76
Streamliner Saddlebags for Rigid
frames were designed for 45 solo mod-
els. Bags are constructed of thick grain
leather with nickel stud designs. Bags
measure 16
" L x 4" W x 12" H.
VT No. 48-0155
1936-37 Big Twin
Saddlebag Mounting Plates are
chrome for 1936-57 rigid rear fenders,
exact stamped as original. Order chrome
acorn mounting bolts separately.
VT No. Type
48-0176 Mount Plate Set
48-0189 Mount Plate Set
8205-8 Bolt Kit
Black Leather Saddlebags are complete
with chrome mounting plates, for rigid or
swing arm mounting, conchos, fringe and
chrome rivets. Bags are suited for a later
1950ís restoration or for a nostalgic late
model dress up on 1936-57 Rigid models.
Measure 19" L x 5" W x 12" H.
VT No. 48-3120