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Barnett Scorpion
Clutch Kit features
over twice as much
friction surface area
compared to stock
clutch. All Scorpion
Clutches provide a
positive engagement
and release. Scorpion
clutches incorporate 6
heavy duty coil
springs. In addition,
an extra spring set
with a different spring rate is included which allows the clutch to
be tuned for street or race application depending on usage.
Tunability is easy without removal of the primary cover. Barnett
Friction Plates are compatible with any primary oil. Each kit is
designed to be used with stock type clutch basket.
VT No. Fits
18-3833 1986-89
18-3842 1990-97
18-3852 1998-up
Clutch Paks
Clutch Spring Conversion by Barnett. Machined pressure
plate that will eliminate stock type diaphragm spring and allow
the use of coiled spring for more tunability and more positive
linear clutch action.
VT No. Fits
18-3697 1984-89 Big Twins
18-3698 1998-up Big Twins
BDL Competitor Clutch Kit
features 9 springs and shoul-
der bolts for simple adjust-
ment, large 40mm double row
hub bearing, polished pres-
sure plate and Kevlar clutch.
VT No. Fits
20-0628 1990-97 Evo Big Twin w/Chain Primary Drive
Replacement Friction/Steel Sets for Above
VT No. Fits
Pro-Clutch by Rivera Engineering
Pro-Clutch by Rivera Engineering converts old style clutch packs to smooth modern
diaphragm spring function. Available for early chain or belt drive with wet or dry clutch. Kit
includes clutch hub with bearing, clutch discs (friction and steel), diaphragm spring, spring
retainer, pressure plate & 4 shoulder bolts. 84-up kits utilize existing clutch basket, supplies a
clutch hub to allow use of clutch plates that increase surface area by 100% to reduce slipping.
VT No. Clutch Basket Type
20-0549 1984-89 Chain
20-0550 1990-97 Chain
20-0580 1998-06 Chain
20-0732 2006-up Dyna & 2007-up Big Twins
16-0310 Puller Tool
Replacement Friction/Steel Sets for Above
VT No.
18-0544 20-0549, 1984-89 Chain
18-0545 20-0550, 1990-97 Chain
18-0546 20-0580, 1998-up Chain
York Hi Performance Clutch Kits have been especially
designed for better clutch operation and to deliver more torque
& horsepower capacity, all parts are made from the highest
quality materials to ensure a trouble free operation. The Kevlar
clutch plates are made for heavy duty operation and deliver a
smooth power transfer to the rear wheel. The adjustable coil
springs allow you to tailor your clutch lever pressure & clutch
operation as needed. These kits also boast very low mainte-
nance, ôSet it & Forget it." They are great upgrade kits.
VT No. Year
18-0587 1990-97
18-0586 1998-06