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Flat Side Fuel Tank Mount Kit includes all hardware neces-
sary to mount flat side, 1984-99 style tanks to 1936-84 FL-FX
frames. Welding required.
VT No. 38-7015
Tank Mounts
Mounting Kit for Big Twin
Bobbed 1936-84 FLH Tanks
includes special washers, studs,
and bolts. VT No. 38-0200
includes spacers.
VT No. Finish
38-0200 Zinc
9891-18 Chrome
9892-18 Cadmium
9893-18 Par kerized
12-2123 Rear Mounting Stud Only 1936-84
Mounts for Bob Tanks. “Our Original Frame Saver Kit" may be
welded to all 1936-85 Big Twin frames, stock or custom, to
replace original brackets.
VT No. Item
51-0100 Complete Kit
51-0101 Lower Mount
51-0507 Rear Mount Clips, pair
Frame Saver Gas Tank Mount Kit includes front & rear tank
mount. A way to mount Bobbed tanks to custom or original
frames. Temporarily attach 1 piece by clamping bracket for a
quick check of tank placement on custom applications & brack-
et assembly can be welded in place.
VT No. Item
51-0521 1936-84
51-0615 1985-99
Flat Side
38-0240 1985-99
Flat Side
FX Tank Mount Kit mounts one piece FX or Quick Bob tanks
on 1973-84.
VT No. # OEM
Complete Kit
Spring and Clip Kit
38-0205 A 61546-74
Spring Clip
13-0155 B 61550-73A Spring
28-0614 C 61139-73
28-0615 D 61152-65P Rubber Bushing
28-0617 E 62123-66
Button Bumper
28-0616 F 61562-66
Cup Bumper
38-0204 Tank
Mount Kit