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Throttle Cable Kits
Throttle & Cable Kits include grips, throttle idle and Barnett throt-
tle cable with ends attached as pictured for S&S E and G carbs.
VT No. Item
35-9246 38" Complete Kit
35-0212 Handle and Grips only
S&S Super E & G and Cables for Dual Stock Type Throttle
Stainless Black Length Type
36-0633 36-2464 33" Throttle 1981-95
36-0635 36-2466 33" Idle
36-0668 36-2545 38" Throttle 1981-95
36-0669 36-2544 38" Idle
Throttle Kits available in single or dual units with or without
grips and chrome end plugs.
Single 1974-80
35-0215** 36500-74 Kit with 2 grips
35-0070** As Above As above with cable
35-0211* 56500-74 Throttle only
35-0210 56397-74 Adjuster only
*Note: Includes nylon tube with chrome clamps
**Note: Includes chrome end plug.
Dual 1981-up (Push-Pull)
35-0237 56395-81 Kit with grips
35-0212** 56395-81 Kit with grips
35-9352** 1981-90 Kit with Barnett cables
35-9350 1991-95 Kit with Barnett cables
35-9149* 56324-81A Throttle only
35-9218 56396-74 All Friction Spring
*Note: Includes nylon tube with chrome clamps.
**Note: Includes chrome end plugs.
Bendix Carb
Throttle Kit
includes single
cable throttle
cable with
adjuster and
chrome brack-
VT No.
Chrome Throttle Clamps and Tube Set feature smooth
design, upper and lower pieces with screws and nylon throttle
tube, for single or dual cable applications. For use with 1982-up
type cables.
VT No. Type
35-0253 Single
35-0254 Dual
Radii Billet Throttle accepts single 1982-95
throttle cable.
VT No. 35-0255
Chrome Throttle Housing custom design for
single cable operation.
VT No. 36-0151
Dual Billet Throttle Housing for use with idle
and throttle cable.
VT No. 36-0564
Nylon Throttle Tubes.
VT No. Type Year
35-9073 Single 1976-81
28-1981 Dual 1982-95
35-9870 Dual 1996-up