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Universal 8mm Pro
Spark Plug Kits fea-
ture 24" wire leads with
either 90 or 180
molded plug boots and
straight coil boots with
brass terminals. Wires
feature the Spiro-Pro
design which provides
10 times the firepower
of carbon core wires
and heat protection to
600F. Works with electronic or points style ignition. All wires
have a resistance factor of 350 ohm/ft. Great for magnetos,
distributors or dual plug heads.
90 Kits Color
32-6081 Black
32-6181 White
32-6481 Yellow
32-6681 Blue
32-6381 Purple
32-6085 Black (180 Kit)
Sumax 10.4 mm Thunder Volt 50 Black Wire Sets feature a
ferrite spiral wound coated core that is a blend of copper/nickel
alloy bonded by a conductive acrylic latex cover. This process
is designed to reinforce and assist in holding core resistance
to 50 ohms. The fat 10.4 mm (.409") wires also feature three
layers of pure zimplex silicone, 600 degrees of heat protection,
102,000 volts dielectric strength with a tightly woven heat
treated fiberglass braid and black pro boots bonded to the
black with gold lettering wires.
1971-84 FX
12" Universal 2 pc with 90 boots
32-0666 162083-S 1980-84 FLT-FLTC-FLHT
Sumax by Taylor Colored 8mm Plug Wires are pre-cut and
have the plug/coil boots and terminals already installed.
Designed for electronic ignition, but also work great on point
Color 1965-84 1982-94 1980-98
White 32-7131*
Red 32-7231*
Purple 32-7331*
Blue 32-7631*
Yellow 32-7431*
*Note: with coil adjacent to oil tank Dyna Glide.
Wire Sets
Splitfire Dual Mag Black 7mm
Wire Sets incorporates two premi-
um magnetic suppression core con-
ductors, which are protected by a
layer of braided fiberglass and a
100% pure silicone outer jacket. Fits
1965-84 FL, FX.
VT No. 32-2071
Accel Braided Stainless Steel Wire
Sets feature 8mm suppression wire,
includes wire grounding straps. Fits
1965-82 FL-FX.
VT No. 32-0662
Accel 8.8mm Custom-Fit Ignition Wire Sets are available in
300+ or custom fit.
Custom Fit
Yellow Black Type/Fits
32-9100 32-0654 32-8043 L1978-84 FLH,
L1978-84 FX-FXE-80,
1983-84 FXWG
32-9101 32-0653 32-8045 1965-E78 FL-FLH,
1971-E78 FX-FXE
32-9104 32-0657 32-8049 1980-84 FLT-FLHT-FLHTC
8mm V-Twin Wire Set
1965-83 FL-FX
42" Accel 8.8 Wire Sets have the
ends terminated with a 90 or a vari-
angle boot and come with a hard-
ware kit which includes terminals,
boots and instructions.
VT No. Color
32-9248 Black Variangle Suppression
32-9250 Black 90
32-9252 Yellow Variangle Suppression
32-9253 Yellow Variangle Copper
32-9254 Yellow 90
32-7536 Yellow 90
10.4 mm
8.8 mm
8 mm