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Dyna S Hi-Performance
Ignition System is self con-
tained, fits behind ignition
cover, uses magnetic rotor
with the original spark
advancer, so factory
advance curve is maintained.
Improves performance,
extends spark plug life, eliminates points and condensers.
Note: For dual plugged heads, on 1980-up use advance mech-
anism, VT No. 32-7510
VT No. 32-7778 (DS6-1)
K . V. R e c omme nds the fol l owi ng co il s for D y na I gni ti ons :
D S6 -1 I gni t io n V T N o. 32 - 77 7 8
St r ee t , Si n gl e p lu g s u se D C -7 o r D C -8
R a ce , Si ng l e pl u gs u se D C -1 or D C -6
St r ee t / R a ce D u al p lu g s u se 2 D C -2 o r D C -5 , w ire d in s er ie s
D S6 -2 I gni t io n V T N o. 32 - 77 7 7
R a ce , Si ng l e pl u gs u se 2 D C- 3
St r ee t , D u al p lu g s u se 2 D C -7 o r D C -8
R a ce , D ua l pl u gs u se 2 D C -1 or 2 D C- 6
St r ee t , Si n gl e p lu g us e s 2 D C 1 0- 1
Dyna S Single Fire
Ignition has the fea-
tures of the Dyna S,
but fires front and
rear cylinders inde-
pendently of each
other which allows
accurate timing of each cylinder. Stock ignition systems fire
both cylinders at the same time which has the wasted sparks
on the exhaust stroke. This eliminates this inherent problem. For
use with either dual or single plug heads. On 1980-up models,
use VT No. 32-7510 Advance assembly.
VT No. 32-7777 (DS6-2)
Dyna Electric Tach Adapter Kit must be
used with Dyna S single fire ignition is
installed on any twins with dual plugs when
electric tach is used.
VT No. 32-7799
Replacement Rotor for Dyna Ignitions.
VT No. Fits
32-9300 DS-6-1
32-9301 DS-6-2
Dyna S Performance Ignition
Systems. Available in dual or single
fire for street applications only. Each
kit includes sensor plate assembly
and correct coil for each application.
Single plug only. 1980-up applications
require 32-7510 advance mechanism.
VT No. #
32-0800 DSK-6-2 Single Fire
32-0801 SDK-6-1 Dual Fire
Dyna Coils. 35,000 volt! Works with all points ignitions, after-
market or factory electronic ignitions. Note: 32-7792 is electron-
ic, 32-7793 is for points ignition.
VT No. #
Volt Ohm Dyna Type
12V 3 DC-1 Angle, Dual Pair
DC-2 Angle, Dual Pair
Use 2 for dual plug heads
12V 3 DC-6 Stock, Dual Each
12V 5 DC-7 Stock, Dual Each
12V 3 DC-3 Angle, Single Pair
12V 5 DC-8 Angle, Dual Pair
12V 5 DC-10-1 Angle, Single Pair
*Note: Use 2 for single fire ignition.
Dyna 2000i Digital Ignition available as a module only or com-
plete kits that include correct coil. Features include single or dual
fire operation,8 advance curves, built in tach driver, adjustable
RPM limit from 6000 to 7500 and easy static timing with built in
timing indicator. Fits all 1970-98 carbureted models and requires
1983-up sensor cup for 1982 and earlier applications. Advanced
Programming Software allows the mechanic or tuner the ability to
fine tune 2000I Ignition but requires adapter.
VT No. Item
32-9151 Kit
32-9152 Kit
32-9153 Kit
32-9155 Kit
32-9159 Module Only
32-9087 Sensor Cup
32-9052 Cup Screw, 10 pk
32-9120 Advanced Programming Software for
Above Ignitions
32-9121 Software Adapter Harness