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5 Speed
5-Speed Transmissions
feature stock style case.
FXST solid mount style
with full assembled inter-
nals. Top and late style
clutch release cover are
chrome. Note: Mainshaft
and 5th gear year, to
choose appropriate clutch
pak. 17-0003 features nat-
ural case finish.
VT No. Mainshaft/5th
17-0003 1991-93
17-0014 1996
5-Speed Transmission fits 1991-94.
Feature stock style cases in FXR rubber mount style with full
assembled internals.
Top and late style clutch release cover are chrome.
Note: Both Mainshaft and 5th gear year, to choose appropri-
ate clutch pak.
Units feature USA gears.
VT No. 17-0009
1991-99 Motor Shop Ready
Assembled 5-Speed FXST
Transmission. Available with
black or natural finish case
with chrome top and chrome
clutch release covers. Both
numbers are stock ratio and
are machined for electronic
speedometer unit. Each
transmission included a 32T
final drive pulley.
VT No. Finish
17-0450 Black
17-0451 Natural
FXR 5-Speed Transmission
Motor Shop Ready York 6-Speed ST Right Side Drive
Transmission Assembly with hydraulic or cable clutch for
1991-99 models. Features include either polished, natural or
black wrinkle finish case, chrome top and side cover, full width
gears, machined shift forks, heavy duty trap door, precision
ground gears with back cut dogs and pulley. Each unit is com-
pletely factory assembled to OEM specs. Unit is stock ratio
1st gear and overdrive 6th gear .86 :1. Accepts 1996-up
speedo sensor 17-0561.Order hydraulic clutch handle assem-
bly and hydraulic line separately. RSD is the only way to make
a balanced big tire, big horsepower creation. Uses a 10 mm
banjo bolt on hydraulic line with a 11/16" master cylinder.
Hydraulic Cable
Case Finish
17-0456 17-0472 Polished
Hydraulic Handle
RSD 6-Speed Transmission