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1970-84 FL-FLH Pipes available with muffler-type ends as list-
ed below to fit 1970-84 FL & FLH models with 74" or 80" nose
cone motors with large H-12 batteries, with both kick and elec-
tric starters. Features an over the transmission rear pipe and a
front pipe that clears the stock floorboard mounts (as in our kit
VT No. 27-0606) and offers the same great ground clearance
as our electric start only FLH pipes. Sheet metal relay cover
under the battery must be removed. Will not fit dresser models
with factory engine or rear frame bars and fiberglass saddle-
VT No. Type
29-1120 Tapered Muffler
29-1122 ôSS" Muffler
29-1121 Turn-Out Muffler
30-3160 13/4" Drag Pipes, 40"
31-4050 Bracket, Black
31-4058 Bracket, Chrome
1970 & Later Nosecone Shovelheads with Electric Start
Only. Fits 1970-later nosecone Shovelhead motors, both 74" &
80", with electric starter only. Front pipe clears factory floor-
boards and forward-mounted master cylinder. Great ground
clearance. Under transmission rear pipe clears large FLH Police
Special battery. Adjustable channel mount. Will not fit dressers
with factory engine or rear frame bars.
VT No. Muffler Style
29-0140 Tapered
29-0141 ôSS"
29-0142 Shorty
31-4051 Mount Bracket
1970-84 FL-FLH
1970-84 FLH Drag Pipes. Order floorboard bracket separately.
31-0098 Floorboard Bracket
**Note: 30-3117 and 30-3160 fit both kick and electric. 30-3160
has more ground clearance but cannot be used with rear crash
bar, and relay cover must be removed. Use VT No. 30-3117
with 4" longer than stock fork tubes only.
Floorboard Mount Kit fits 70-84 FLH
with drag pipes.
VT No. 27-0599
Goose Style Drags. Retro chopper styling in 1
" diameter
and slash cut ends, 34" long. Use 31-2101 P-Clamps for
mounting. Fits 70-84 FLH.
VT No. 30-3143
Goose Style Drags
Floorboard Bracket must be used to replace
the right side factor y floorboard mount if you
want to retain floorboards on a 1970-84 FLH
when using a drag pipe.
VT No. 31-0098