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Chrome Knucklehead Upsweep Pipe Set includes front and
rear upsweep pipe set for Rigid frames. Front Pipe is 2 piece
type. Use 1 3/4" extensions or mufflers.
VT No. Fits
29-0094 Upsweep
30-0580 Stacked Upsweep
31-9920 End Clamps
31-2101 P-Clamps
Tapered Drag
Length Fits
1970-84 Shovel
Kickstart only
1966-69 Shovel
30-3210*** 40"
1970-84 FX-FXE
30-0357 34"
1966-84 FX-FL
30-3164 40"
1966-84 FX-FL
Shot Gun Exhaust Systems fit Rigid or FXST-FLST frames
only. Will not fit frame with shocks unless noted. Available as
a drag pipe with slash cut ends or with tapered muffler. All
pipes 1
" O.D. unless noted. Drag pipe lengths are noted.
Shot Gun Drag Pipes
Up Sweep Header Sets by Paughco are chrome plated with
brackets. Will accept straight fishtail extensions or mufflers
which must be purchased and mounted
VT No. Model
#1 Rigid
#1 Swing Arm
29-0091 Early Shovel 1966-69
#4 Swing Arm
29-0090 Early Shovel 1966-69
#1-2-3 Rigid
29-0088 Shovel
#2 Rigid
29-0085 Shovel
#4 Swing Arm
1. Features S type front pipe for better ground
clearance. Three piece system.
2. Will not fit with electric start wrap around oil tank.
3. To be used with hydraulic brakes only.
4. Can only be used with FXE type Battery Box
29-0090 Installed
Shot Gun Drag Pipe Sets for Rigid or Swing Arm models as
noted. Bracket not supplied. Note type of front pipe. Outside is a
2 piece set, flat pipe type is 3 piece set.
VT No. Model F Pipe Frame Type
30-3153 Knuckle Flat Rigid
Outside Rigid
30-0548* Pan
Flat Rigid (Std)
Flat Rigid
Flat Swing Arm
30-3164 Shovel Flat Rigid
30-3155 Shovel Outside Rigid
*Note: Fits STD heads.
29-0090 Installed