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V-Twin Replica Wishbone Frames
V-Tw in
Replica Wishbone Frames are authentic repro-
ductions of 1948-53 Big Twin Rigid Frames. Details
include forged parts as original in neck, front and rear
motor mounts, side car loops, top seat post yoke, foot-
board tabs and rear axle plates. Exact blanked and
formed stampings are utilized in their respective places.
Neck will accept key lock. Mechanical brake cross shaft
bushings, correct tool box mount and grease fittings are
installed. 1949-51 model has lugs on inside front down
tubes to accept horn, 1948 model does not. Frame will
house Pan or Shovel engines and a 4 Speed Trans. Front
motor mount spacer 31-0475 will allow installation of a
Knuckle or Flathead engine. 51-1012 is a 1948 style with-
out cross shaft for disc brake use. Brackets are supplied
to mount disc or drum brakes and are not welded.
VT No. Year
51-1007 1948
51-1008 1949-52
51-1015 1953-54
51-1012 1948 w/o cross shaft for disc and drum brake
51-1015 1953-54 Style features
later style top motor mount and
tool box mount.
V-Twin Mfg.
Replica Wishbone
Immediate delivery
Rear Section demon-
strated forged rear
axle plates and replica
tool box mount for
authentic look.
Seat Area utilizes cast
yoke to accept stock
seat post bushing
which is included.
Rear down tube has
cast front oil tank
mount and coil mount
blocks installed. Lower
tube bushing is welded
to secure lower seat
post lock nut.
Our replica frames are
available for Big Twins
from 1936-99 for the
original look and
style of the factory.