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Hydraulic Clutch
Chrome Smooth-Contour Control Kit features a hidden
underside mounting on the switch housings for an unobstructed
smooth, rounded surface on the top housing. Switch housings
use stock or chrome rounded switches (introduced on 1996
models). Complete kits include clutch and brake levers, master
cylinder, hydraulic clutch, switch housings, brackets and hard-
ware. Master cylinder is 11/16" bore, hydraulic single disc.
Clutch handle is 11/16" bore.
VT No. Style
22-0377 Milled
22-0378 Contour
26-0590 Lever Set
1999-up TC-88 Hydraulic Clutch Kit. Order line separately.
Fits 1" and 1.125 bars.
VT No. 18-0562
18-0672 Complete Hydraulic Handle
18-0362 Cover Only 1999-up TC-88
18-0675 Cover Only 1987-05
18-0570 Clutch Rod 1999-up 15.25"
18-0571 Hydraulic Clutch Fitting
26-0590 Handle Set
18-0579 Throw-out Bearing Kit
18-0574 Clutch Rod, 1987-05 15.5" Long
1996-up Big Twin Hydraulic Clutch Handle Kit includes
chrome handle assembly, chrome trans side cover, rod and
line. 18-0673 includes hydraulic handle which fits 1" bars.
VT No. 18-0673
18-0675 Installed
Custom Control Kits will utilize 1996-up switches. Both feature
9/16" master cylinders. Matching throttle housing spacer for left
side included.
VT No. Type
22-0879 Hydraulic Clutch