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Spring Fork Fenders
Spring Fork Front Fenders are 7½" wide for 16" or 18" wheels
with riveted on braces. 45 type fits with rockers inside the fork. BT
fits with outside rockers. V-Twin replica types feature 2 piece spot
welded panel and replica braces. Narrow type on 1936-47 replicas.
VT No. Fits
50-0144 1936-48 BT VT
50-0888 1936-47 BT VT
50-0750 1936-46 BT Replica
50-0751 1947-48 BT Replica
50-0745 1937-48 45" Replica
50-0778 1937-52 45" VT
Separate Pieces
51-0540 Lower Brace Set 1936-48 BT
50-0182 Skirt Set Only Right and Left
50-0914 SS Trim for Above
50-0779 Fender without Braces
50-0760 Replica Fender without Braces
Stainless Fender
Trim for 1939-48 Big
Twin and 45", 1940-
49 Spring fork front
Includes clips.
50-0914 59200-39
37-8458 59225-39
Clips, 25 pack
Front Fender Mounting Kit is
used to install stock front fender on
1936-57 Spring Forks.
VT No. Item
8203-6 Kit, Cadmium
9680-6 Kit, Parkerized
9742-6 Kit, Chrome
8009-2 Locks Only
Early Mud Flap replaces 59235-26 in
rubber with laminated cloth construc-
VT No. Item
28-2249 Mud Flap
49-0425 Mount Hardware
Replacement Fender Rivets fit all FL front and rear fenders
and FX front fenders, 25 pack.
VT No. Fits
37-6368 Big Twin Fender Brace
37-6369 Big Twin Fender Top
37-6370 FX Front, 1973-up Stainless
Universal Springer Style Fender for 18, 19, and 21" wheel.
Brackets must be fabricated.
VT No. 50-0780
Mud Flaps. Stock type for front & rear fenders for BT.
VT No. Type Color
28-0701 Rubber Black
28-0702 Rubber White
28-2235 Leather Front Type, Black
Chrome Spots
Fits Front Narrow Fender
28-0230 Leather Brown
28-2012 Leather Black
Chrome Spots
28-2013 Leather Black
Blue Dots
28-2014 Leather Black
Red Dots
Replica Front Fenders feature 2 piece spot welded skirt.
Note: Available with or without front fender lamp holes.
VT No. Type Year
50-0750 Without 1936-46
50-0890 With 1936-46
50-0751 Without 1947-48
Note: Replica Type feature 2 piece
Spot Welded Panels and Correct