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Original Forward Brake Controls assemblies equips all Big
Twins with hydraulic brakes and powered by either Evolution or
1970-99 Shovel engines. Available in either Wagner or Kelsey
Hayes styles, with or without master cylinders. Floorboards can
be fitted to our Wagner style kits VT No. 22-0500, 22-0505 or 22-
0506. Wagner styles use 41761-73 master cylinder, or Kelsey
Hayes type 41576-79A, for those wishing to utilize their existing
master cylinder. Complete assemblies include detailed instruc-
tions and diagram for installation. Display packaged.
VT No. Type
22-0500 Wagner
Without Master Cylinder
22-0505 Wagner
With Plain Master Cylinder
22-0506 Wagner
With Chrome Master Cylinder
22-0501 Kelsey Hayes Without Master Cylinder
22-1017 Kelsey Hayes With Chrome Master Cylinder
*Note: For kits 22-0500, 22-0505, 22-0506, 22-0501, and 22-
1017, use Russell front line 23-8809 and rear line 23-8915 for
disc brake models and tee 23-0707.
Footpeg Mounting Studs fit through Wagner or
Kelsey Hayes master cylinders to mount foot pegs to
these forward assemblies. Stud side shown accepts
that size footpeg yoke.
VT No. Type
37-8986 Kelsey Hayes Type
x 24
37-8987 Wagner Type
x 20
1979-84 FLH Brake Kit includes chrome pedal, chrome plate
with front floorboard bracket, plunger, spring and stud. Order
master cylinder separately.
VT No. Item
22-0300 Chrome Kit
23-1735 Chrome Master Cylinder
23-1772 Alloy Master Cylinder
27-0596 Rear Floor Board Bracket
37-6366 Master Cylinder Stud
VT No.
22-0506 Installed
1970-up Forward Brake Kit
Chrome Hydraulic Brake Pedals and Backing Plates.
VT No. # OEM
23-0120 A 42411-70 1970-78 BT
50668-35 Spacers for above Spacers
13-0147 B 42427-58 Spring
23-0103 D 42402-73A 1970-E79 FLH
23-9192 C 42402-79 L1979-84 FLH
23-0451 E 42480-79 1979-84 FLH
23-0102 F 42401-73A 1970-E79 FLH
Chrome Forward Brake
Pedal allows driver better
access to pedal from floor-
board. Fits 1979-84 FLH.
VT No. Item
23-0351 Pedal