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Clutch Push Rod Snap Ring for 1975-up
Big Twins, replaces 11096 in stock or full
external configuration.
VT No. Type
12-0923 C" Type, Stock
12-9992 Full External Type
Clutch Push Rods for Big Twin 3&4-speed high strength.
18-3117 37285-41 1941-64 13"
18-3118 37285-65 1965-69 13 1/4"
18-3119 37285-70 1970-75 13 7/8"
18-3120 37285-75 1975-84 13 3/4"
Clutch Release
Rebuild for 1970-
84 4-speed Big
Twins. Includes
parts shown, plus a
heavy duty throw
out bearing, with
matching release
finger and shaft.
VT No. 17-0610
1975-up Throw-Out Bearing includes
two (2) 37313-80 thrust washers, 37312-
75 bearing, and retaining ring 11096. Use
on all 1975-up all Big Twins.
VT No. Item
12-0342 Bearing Only
12-0923 Retainer, 10 pk
12-0370 Thrustwasher, 5 pk
Heavy-Duty Throwout Bearing Kit for all 4-speed Big Twin
models 1970-84. Includes a solid throwout bearing of 24mm
(Stock is 17 mm) with larger thrust washers, an oil slinger and
small parts.
VT No. Item
18-3256 Rebuild Kit
18-3247 Bearing 24mm only
Clutch Release 4-Speed
Late Type Throw-Out Bearing Kit includes parts pictured to
replace stock components on 4-speed Big Twins or as retro fit
on earlier models.
VT No. Years
18-3203 1936-64
18-3204 1965-69
18-3607 1970-85
18-3624 37228-75 Oil Slinger Only, Steel
18-3631 As Above in Stainless Steel
18-3247 O.S. Bearing for Kit VT No. 18-3607
Throw-Out Bearing
Conversion Kit includes
clutch pushrod, gasket,
throw-out bearing and gear.
Converts late bearings to
old-style heavy-duty throw-
out bearings.
VT No. Year
18-3608 1941-61
18-3610 1965-69
18-3609 1970-84
Early Throw-Out Bearing replaces 37310-39
on 1936-70 Big Twins in standard or Replica
grade quality.
VT No. Type
18-3121 Standard
18-8229 Replica Grade
Clutch Spring Sets
VT No. Year
13-0163 68-84
13-0172 41-67
13-0139 41-67
13-0136 68-84
13-0200 41-84 Chrome
13-9228 41-84 BTE
Clutch Push Rod Adjuster Kit includes
screw and nut.
VT No.
Tamer Style Clutch Hub
Retainer Kit eliminates all clutch
drag and lunging while in gear or
while stopped. Greatly reduces
gear clash, and increases clutch
and transmission life by providing
a clean and free clutch release.
Fits all 1941-84 Big Twin with belt
or chain drive. Instructions
VT No. 18-1112