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Kicker Pedals
Skeleton Kick Pedal Assembly include mount bolt pin kit with
VT No. Style
17-0302 Chrome Skeleton
17-0329 Chrome Skeleton
17-0303 Brass Skeleton
17-9819 Polished Brass
17-0378 Axle for 17-0302
Chrome Original Bicycle Style Rubber Kicker Pedal and Axle
Assembly are available in colors. Replace 33175-16A. Includes
bushing, bolt and spring clip. Chrome plated pedal parts. We’ve
Colorized The Classics!
VT No. Color
VT No. Color
17-0300 Black
17-0044 Blue
17-0041 White
Kicker Pedal Rubber Only
VT No. Color
VT No. Color
28-0207 Black
28-0209 Red
28-0208 White
Replica Bicycle Style Kick Pedal
features original finish including
parkerized shaft and tube with cad-
mium plated side plates and black
rubber blocks.
VT No. Item
17-0316 Complete Assembly, Parkerized and Cadmium
17-0320 Complete Assembly, All Cadmium
17-0330 Rod and Rubber Kit, 4 piece
17-0319 Center Axle
Deco Plastic Replica Kicker
Pedal in cadmium or chrome
plating with plastic pedal.
VT No. Finish/Color
17-0331 Cadmium/Black
17-0333 Chrome/Black
17-0332 Chrome/Yellow
H-D Logo Kick Start Pedal replaces
33175-16TA. Includes bolt pin kit.
VT No. 17-0315
Kick Flat Rubber Pedal Complete Assembly includes mount
bolt pin kit with bushing for 1-piece kicker arms 1936-76.
Replaces 33175-16B
VT No. Item
17-0301 Complete Pedal Black
17-0311 Complete Pedal White
17-2123 Shaft Only
Kick Rubber is a stock replacement of
rubber, for old style popsicle kick pedal.
VT No. Color
28-0213 Black
28-0309 Black with H-D
28-0214 White
Pedal Pin Bolt Kit fits 1931 and later
Kickstart Twins. Each kit contains one of the
following: 4336 Pedal Pin Bolt, 33213-31
Pedal Pin Bushing, 33215-30 Spring
Washer, 7045 Lock Washer.
17-0306 Complete
Kit, 5 pack
37-9060 Chrome
Kit, 5 pack
37-9061 Chrome
Allen Kit, each
10-2494 33213-30
Bushing, 10 pack
13-9184 33215-30
Spring Washer, 10 pack
Spool Kick Pedal replaces 2091-16.
Order bolt kit separately.
VT No. Finish
17-0046 Black
17-2124 Chrome
Maltese Cross Kick
Pedal Assembly is
constructed of Billet
Alloy with chrome axle
VT No. 17-0765
Red Baron Billet Kick Pedal
includes chrome axle shaft.
VT No. 17-0651
Chrome Flat Kicker Pedals.
VT No. Type
17-0299 O-Ring
17-9150 Rail
Diamond Shape Rubber Insert Kick
Pedal includes bushing.
VT No. 17-0337
Alloy Billet Kicker Peg Sets.
VT No. Style
17-0385 Skull
17-0386 Knuckle