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S&S Valve Spring Kits Pan-Shovel 1948-84 Big Twin to be
used with stock style guides and lower spring collars, stock 3/8"
diameter valves, and stock keepers. By grinding .060 to .090 off
the tops of the valve guides cams with lifts up to .550" may be
used. Kit includes 4 aluminum top collars and 4 of each inner &
outer springs.
VT No. 13-9226
S&S Complete Valve
Spring Kits for 1948-1984
Big Twins. Each kit includes
springs, top collar, lower col-
lar, retainers and shims.
VT No.
Top Collar Type
1948-E81 with Cam to .590" lift
11-2060 Steel
11-2061 Titanium
L1981-84 with Cam to .590" lift
11-2063 Steel
11-2064 Titanium
Manley Evo/TC-88 Valve Spring Kits74 & 80 FL-FX .495 Lift
Kits except Evolution
Collars Combined Coil Recommended
VT No. Top
Bind Cam Lift
11-9229 Titanium 140 @ 1.480 .950 Stock-.500"
300 @ 1.000
11-9235 Titanium 140 @ 1.480 1.150 Stock-.500"
300 @ 1.000
The above .495" lift kits do not require cylinder head machining for installation.
These kits are supplied with lower collars that allow additional spring travel as
compared to stock collar and provides these kits the ability to accept camshafts
up to .495" lift.
Note: 11-9229 is for stock stem diameter valves, 11-9235 is for thin stem valves
Manley Valve Kits.
74 & 80 FL-FX .500"-.600" Lift Kit except Evolution
Coil Recommended
VT No. Loads
Bind Cam Lift
11-9612 180 @ 1.600 .930 .500-.600
320 @ 1.100
360 @ 1.000
The above kit features tri-spring (outer-intermediate-inner) interference fit to
reduce harmonics and control spring surge. Tool 16-0400 is required for installa-
tion and complete instructions are included with kit. Additional machining is
required to lower the height of the valve guide to avoid interference with the top
collar. Springs have more pressure than stock but can be used with .500" lift or
.600" lift cams. Tool is supplied with 3/8" pilot. Includes titanium top collars.
74 & 80 FL-FX .465" Lift Kit except Evolution
Coil Recommended
VT No. Loads
Bind Cam Lift
11-9613 150 @ 1.450 .950 Stock .465
300 @ 1.000
The above kit does not require machining for installation. However, do not exceed
.465 lift due to the potentially high stress on the springs. The springs are interfer-
ence fit to help the harmonics. Supplied with steel top collars. Use with stock
stem diameter valves only.
1948-84 Valve
Springs and
Retainers by Crane.
Thermo-cool coated
springs reduces fric-
tion and disperses
heat quicker than a stock spring. Order set of 4 upper retain-
ers separately
VT No. Item
11-9625 Valve Spring Set
13-9172 Valve Spring Set
Performance (5-0000)
11-7750 Upper Retainer Set Chromemoly
11-7751 Upper Retainer Set Titanium
Andrews Valve Gear
VT No Andrew Item
1966-84 Shovel 74 & 80"
11-9877 271100 Upper Collar, T-6 Aluminum for
.600 lift, 4 piece set
11-9878 276150 Upper Collar, T-6 Aluminum, Adds
.060" spring travel, medium lift
11-9879 273120 Low profile, lower spring
collars,accepts 80-up guides +K
Line seals, also provides easier
installation of high lift cams
13-9250 272110 Hi-Lift Spring Set