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Sifton BT Valve Spring Set for high
lift cams can be used with stock retain-
ers and lower collars for up to .600 lift.
Fits 1948-84.
VT No. 13-2000
74" & 80" Shovelhead, 1966-84
13-2110 160 lb seat pressure, up to .600" valve travel.
Hard-anodized aluminum retainers. Uses stock
lower collars.
13-2115 160 lb seat pressure up to .600" valve travel.
Titanium retainers. Uses stock lower collars.
Sifton Lightweight Valve Spring
Kits include springs, keepers,
retainer, and lower collars unless
Sifton Valve Spring Retainers and Keeper Sets. Keepers are
CNC machined and then heat treated.
Keeper Set
11-2021 Pan/Shovel
Upper Retainer Sets
11-2020 Pan/Shovel Titanium Offset 0.70" to allow more
installed spring height.
11-4248 Pan/Shovel steel offset 0.70" to allow more installed
spring height.
11-2022 Lower collar set. Pan/Shovel machined to work
with .562" diameter guide seals and counter
Bored for added clearance.
Sifton Valve Keepers. 1941-84 FL-FX
steel valve keepers fit stock 3/8" valve
stems. Sold in sets of 4.
VT No. 11-9623
FL-FX Upper Collar for fitment of the double matched springs,
color coded, for stock valve stem diameters, 1941-84 Big Twin
models, in sets of 4.
Gold Collars to used be in old heads where clearance is a prob-
lem or a higher spring pressure is desired. Holds springs in low-
est possible position.
VT No. 11-9619
Green Collars can be used in older heads or to gain more
spring pressure, gives a spring height close to stock allows slight-
ly more spr ing travel.
VT No. 11-9620
Red Collars used most often by combining ease of installation
and good spring pressure, which will accommodate most cams.
Allows spring to sit .080 higher than green collars.
VT No. 11-9621
Black Collars used with ver y high lift cams only, 485 and above
depending on cylinder head. May hit inside of cover in older
Panheads. Allows spring to sit .070 higher than red collars.
VT No. 11-9622
Sifton Valve Spring Kits feature
4 double matched competition
springs. Fits 1941-84 FX-FL,
order top colored collars sepa-
rately from this page. Mfg# 3030.
VT No. 11-9618
Valve and Spring Kit by Sifton for Shovelheads includes 2
intake and 2 exhaust valves with nitrated finish, complete spring
set, keepers with upper and lower collars. 4 piece valve set
available separately.
VT No. Year
11-0794 1966-79
11-0795 1980-81
11-0796 1982-84
11-0679 1966-84
Valve Set
Sifton 74 Pan Valve Spring Set with
160 lb, with .600 travel and Titanium
VT No 13-2010
Valve Springs