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Pushrod Kits
Solid Pushrod Kits
include 4 alloy pushrods
and adapters to convert
stock hydraulic lifters to
solid. Replacement rods
available separately.
*Note: Colony
VT No. Year
11-9533 7131-12* 1953-65 Panhead
11-9534 7132-12* 1966-85 Shovel 74" & 80"
11-9539 11-9539 Rods only For 1953-65 Kit
11-9540 11-9540 Rods only For 1966-85 Kit
Sifton Pushrod Sets are constructed of
aluminum alloy with heat treated steel
ends. 11-9520 and7122-4 do not include
internal hydraulic valve.
Sifton Colony Year/Model
11-9520 7122-4 48-52 Pan 74
7519-4 48-52 Pan 61
11-9522 7515-4 53-65 Pan 74
11-9523 66-84Shovel (Steel)
11-9524 7516-4 66-84Shovel (Alloy)
11-9527 7506-4 Conversion Pan/Shovel Top End Solid
Solid Lifter Kits are made
from aircraft quality 4130
seamless chrome moly tub-
ing, for 1966-84
Shovelhead.Extremely rigid,
resists flexing even when
used with radical cams and
high spring rates. Lighter
than stock pushrods.
Lengths are as long as pos-
sible for added rigidity of
adjuster. Each set includes 4 pushrods and 4 adjustable solid
lifter adapters. Smaller diameter than most moly pushrod sets
for clearance in pushrod cover tubes. Instructions included.
Fits stock or .200 longer stroker cylinders.
VT No. 11-9545
Andrews Pushrods for 1966-84 available in chrome moly or
steel aluminum, adjustable. All are stock diameter, so there is
no cover interference.
VT No. Andrews Type
11-9871 292055
11-9872 292030
Solid Pushrods for
Sifton Colony Year/Model
11-9525 7505-4 1941-47 74"
7518-4 1936-47 61"
Solid Pushrod
Conversion fits 1966-84
We put the adjuster into
the lifter body to increase
the stability of the pushrod
at greater angles. A
tapered split lock nut is
used for the best way to
lock the adjusting bolt into
the lifter body. We use a 5/16-32 extra fine thread for easier
and close adjustments. Pushrods are long enough to accom-
modate engines with stroker cylinders. Alloy pushrods have
hardened steel tips.
VT No. 11-9535
V-Thunder Big Twin
Pushrod Kits are made
from .049 wall 4130
chromemoly steel.
Exacting tolerances for
reliability. These rods fit stock or Velva Touch Lifter units.
VT No.
11-7706 1953-65
11-7707 1953-65
11-7708 1966-84 Shovel
11-7709 1966-84 Shovel
Crane Tappet Conversion Kit for 1966-
84 conver ts hydraulic tappets to mechan-
ical operation. Provides new pushrod
seat & plug assembly that prevents oil
from entering hollow tappet body, along
with chromemoly steel pushrods.
VT No. Fits
7132-91 1966-84 Shovel
7132-92 Shovel Stroker
Replacement Nuts fit each brand of pushrods or tappets.
8780-4 Colony 9/32 x 32
4 pk.
37-8866 V-Twin 5/16 x 32
4 pk.
8781-4 Colony 5/16 x 24
4 pk.
12-0524 Eastern 9/32 x 32
10 pk.
*Note: 9/32 x 32 thread
Taper Lite Adjustable Pushrods are manufactured from 4130
steel with hardened adjusters and ball ends. Designed to be
installed without removing gas tank,
rocker box or camshaft cover. Set of four.
VT No. Type
11-9704 Use with stock hydraulic lifters
11-9705 Complete Solid Conversion Kit