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Sifton Hydraulic Pushrod/Lifter Set
includes 4 max axle lifters with integral
pump and 4 adjustable steel
VT No. 11-0028
Big Axle Power Glide Tappet Kit by Jims. Fits 1966-84
Shovels. Includes 2 billet aluminum polished blocks and 4
power glide tappet assemblies, for more controlled hydraulic
VT No. Item
10-0642 Tappet only, STD, each
10-0643 Tappet only, .002 O.S., each
10-0644 Tappet only, .005 O.S., each
Super Power Glide Big Axle Tappet Kit by Jims for 1966-84
Big Twins. Features upgraded
" upper pushrod seat and
lower seat. Lowering the pushrod seat helps reduce severe tap-
pet–pushrod angle making these tappets as close to Evo tap-
pets. Available as complete kit that includes 4-tappets, 4-
pushrods and 2-polished billet tappet blocks or as 4-STD tap-
pets and 4 pushrods only.
VT No. Item
11-2411 Complete Kit
11-2428 Tappet and Pushrods Only
Sifton Performance Cam Kit includes cam, solid lifters, pur-
shrods and chrome lifter bases.
VT No. Lift Model
11-1602 .412 Shovel 1970-E77
11-1603 .412 Shovel 1978-84
Tappet Kits 1966-84
Crane Tappet Kits for 1966-84 Shovel. Roller tappet assemblies
for 1966-84 74" and 80" models. Both hydraulic and mechanical
versions are available with pushrods. Mechanical tappet also
restricts oil from entering the tappet body and unnecessarily
adding unwanted weight. Kits feature relocated pushrods seat
heights, resulting in less weight, improved valve train geometr y,
and reduced tappet guide block wear.
VT No. Fits
10-8251 Mechanical lifter and adjustable pushrod kit
7132-90 Pushrods only for above
10-8249 Mechanical Lifter w/Non-adjustable pushrods
10-8250 Hydraulic lifter and adjustable pushrod kit
7132-67 Pushrods only for above