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1999-up Top End Components for TC 88.
11-0948 17572-99 Chrome Upper Rocker Cover Set
11-0949 17573-99 Chrome Lower Rocker Housing Set
11-0581 17594-99 Alloy Support
11-0582 17595-99 Breather Cam
11-0583 17907-01 Baffle
11-0584 63815-99 Element
Acorn Screw Kit
Allen Screw Kit
9944-24-P —
Polished Allen Screw Kit
Grooved Valve Cover Screw Cover
fits 1999-up TC88, Set of 4. Match
head bolt covers.
VT No. Item
37-0585 Cover Set
37-0043 16 Piece Chrome Screw Set
TC-88 Forged Rocker
Supports forged rocker sup-
ports will handle the
increased loads from high lift
cams and higher RPM’s.
Works with stock or roller
rocker arms. Replaces 17675-01.
VT No. 43-0085
Rocker Cover for TC-88
Chrome Rocker Box Set for TC-88 models includes 2 upper
covers and 2 lower housings.
VT No Type
11-0946 Stock
11-0357 Finned
Chrome Rocker Box Set fits TC-88 for 2 heads.
VT No. Item
11-2700 Rocker Box Set
15-1502 Gasket Set
11-0946 Installed
Rocker Box Breather Kit
fits 2002-up FXD TC-88
model. Replaces 17650-02.
VT No. 11-0799
Chrome Billet
Rocker Box
Cover Set fits
1999-up TC-88
models will
accept high lift
VT No. Type
Radii Billet Top
Rocker Box Set
fits 1999-up TC-
88 models.
VT No. 11-0352
11-2700 Underside