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Victory Hi-back Saddles feature self supporting back on steel baseplate for lasting
2000-05 1984-99 # Back Style
A 11" Blaster
47-2019 47-2019 B 11" Pillow
47-2020 47-2020 C 18" Classic MKII
47-2021 47-2021 D 18" Double Bucket MKIV
Victory Series Saddles fit 1984-up FXST-FLST models and all Rigid frames. FXST-FLST models require re-use of existing rear tab
or can be ordered separately VT No. 31-0413 for 1984-99 or 31-0653 for 2000-up & Rigid models.
Victory Gunfighter Saddles feature sewn inlay of colored
flames on rear pad area with matching flame stitch and thread
in front driver area. Original style includes textured top panel in
driver area and silver chrome accent to separate the driver and
tail area.
2000-05 1984-99 # Style/Color
47-2031 47-8670 A Original
47-2032 47-2032 B Black Flame
47-2024 47-0588 B Teal Flame
B Blue Flame
47-2029 47-0580 B Aqua Flame
B Purple Flame
47-2025 47-2025 B Yellow Flame
47-2026 47-0565 B Orange Flame
47-2027 47-2027 B Red Flame
Victory Series for 1984-05 FX-FLST & Rigid