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Oil Filter Kits
FXST Style
Oil Filter Kit
features bolt
on mounting
behind shift
plate. Big Twin
frames with
Shovel or Evo
engines. Can
be used as an
easy access
auxiliary unit in addition to filter in tank. Bracket is replica of
1984-99 FXST type replacing 63802-84. Oil spigots are cop-
per, brazed in a vacuum for lasting durability. Includes chrome
filter and 6 feet of rubber hose with clamps.
VT No. Item
40-0100 Complete Kit
40-0709 Chrome filter
40-0708 Black filter
40-0100 Installed
40-0315 Installed
Oil Filter Adapter installed in the generator position.
VT No. 40-0315
VT No. Fits
41-0050 1984-88 FXST, 1980-98 FLT, 1982-94 FXR,
1984-up XL
41-0051 1991-98 Dyna
41-0052 1999-up All TC-88 Big Twins
Oil Filter Kit features 1992-up style location, to fit 1970-84
Big Twins nose cone motors when using an outside frame
front pipe. Mounts under front motor mount.
VT No. Item
40-0091 Chrome Housing and Bracket Kit
40-0093 Chrome Housing
Combo Oil Cooler includes 0-60lb built in gauge. Chrome unit
features 2 Billet clamps to fit 1" thru 1.25" frame tubes.
VT No. 40-0880