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Pre Cut Kits for Big Twins. Genuine
Russell “Pro-Flex" stainless steel lines
with polished clamps are pre-cut to exact
length for each application listed.
Supplied with polished “Tube Seal" ends.
Chain primary kits include primary vent
and oil return lines. Use original T con-
VT No. Fits
40-9001 1986-91 FXST-FLST Basic
Line Kit
40-9910 1982-85 Oil Line Kit, FXR
40-9002 1987-91 Oil Line Kit, FXR
Twin Cam Vent Line replace stock rubber
vent hose from motor to transmission.
Includes all necessary fittings.
VT No. Year Fits
40-0031 2002-06 FLHR, FLT, FLH SS
40-9965 2002-06 FLHR, FLT, FLH Chrome
FXST Pre Formed Oil Lines.
VT No. # OEM
40-0158 A 63572-86 Vent
40-0159 B 63556-87 Filter to Tank
40-0160 C 63550-89 Tank to Tee
40-0161 D 63553-90 Tank Drain
40-0162 E 63515-86 Tank to Pump
63531-87 Pump to Filter
Custom SS Oil Line Kit fits TC88 for cus-
tom applications. Includes 3 compression
fittings and 3 seal ends. Hose must be cut
for installation.
VT No. 40-0467
Sifton Stainless Steel Oil Line Kits are
accurately assembled for each model list-
ed and feature aluminum fittings specifical-
ly designed as a compact size for ease of
installation and stainless braided Teflon
VT No. Fits
40-9937 1993-96 Dyna Wideglide w/Cooler
40-9941 1994-96 Dyna Road King
40-0664 1990-91 ST
40-0665 1992-99 FXR
40-0666 1993-99 ST
2000-up Braided Oil Line Kit fits Softail
models with TC-88B engine and includes
stainless lines, chrome fittings, O-rings
and clips replaces 63860-00.
VT No. 40-0650
Twin Cam Chrome Vent Line fits 1999-
up TC-88 FLT-FXD models, replaces
VT No. 40-0675
Sifton 1992-99 Braided Oil Line Kit fits
Softail models includes stainless lines,
seals and hardware as shown. Replaces
VT No. 40-0651
Oil Lines
SS Vent Line fits 1999-up FXD-FLT and
TC-88 models.
VT No. Year
40-0681 99-04
40-0693 05-up