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Multi-Colored Mini Gauges. 60 mm gauge features a 2.4" pol-
ished stainless body with a white face, total length of 2.7". Units
include a chrome bezel with choice of red, orange, blue, yellow,
white, green or purple by the push of a button. Works on 12 v
systems. Tach adapter required for use with single fire ignition.
Speedometer accepts 12 mm drive cable. Order clamp sepa-
VT No. Gauge Ratio
39-0417 Speedo 2:1
39-0433 Speedo 2240:60
39-0434 Tach
Chrome 60mm Tachometer Housing Kit includes bracket (to
mount to ST and FXDWG fork stem bolt) and 60 mm electric
tachometer. or electric speedo to fit 1995-up models. Housing
which is available separately may be fitted with any 60mm elec-
tric speedo or gauge.
VT No. Item
39-0202 Tachometer Kit
39-0204 Speedo Kit
39-0203 Housing Only
Chrome Billet Housing will accept 48 mm elec-
tronic tachometer or speedometer.
VT No. 39-0116
60mm Electric Tach and Speedos
fit models 78-up for tach and 1995-
up for speedo applications. Units
include gauge, bracket and clamp.
VT No. Item
39-0575 Speedometer 1995-up
39-0392 Tach
39-0203 Housing
60mm Electric Speedometer fits
1996-up models with electric sen-
sor. Unit features LCD odometer
readout and polished stainless
case. Bracket and clamp available
VT No. Item
39-0560 Speedo
31-9997 Y-Bracket
28-0325 1" Clamp
60mm Mini Electronic Speedo and Tach. Speedo features
easy push button recalibration and re-settable trip meter, with
LED lighting. 8000 RPM Tach has LED lamp. All units have
black face and include clamp. Order 12mm speedo cable sep-
Three functions are (1)accumulated mileage (this can not be reset), (2) Trip 1 (can
check total mileage for 1 full gas tank, can be reset to zero), (3) Trip 2 (calculate
mileage from A to B destination, can be reset to zero).
VT No. Ratio
39-0859 2240:60
39-0593 Electronic
39-0860 0-8000 RPM Tach