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FXST Allen
Tank Mount Kit
includes 2
chrome Allens
and chrome
washers for
1984-99 FXST-
VT No. 38-7021
FXST Lower Gas
Tank Mount Kit for
1984-99 style flat side
tanks includes
chrome acorn nuts,
thread stud and 2
beveled washers.
VT No. Style
37-9012 Acorn
2072-4 Flat Allen
28-2006 Rubber Grommet
Rubber Grommets and Spacers Kit includes rubber grom-
mets, OEM 11447 and spacers, OEM 5775, used on all 1984-
1999 Softail.
VT No. Qty
2000-up Grommet Set Only (3 Pc)
FXST Gas Tank Mount Kit includes
all brackets, bolts, bushings and
hardware to mount gas tanks on
1984-99 FXST-FLST models.
VT No. # OEM
Kit, 1984-90
Kit, 1991-99
28-2006 A 11447
Rubber Grommet
31-0236 B 61660-85
Upper Bracket with threads
31-0234 B 61660-84
Upper Bracket without threads
31-0235 C 61667-84
Lower Bracket
31-0455 C 61667-90A Lower Bracket
1991-99 w/threads
37-9094 D 5775
40-0364 E 63505-84
Hose, 10 ft.
38-0222 F Kit
Chrome Bolt Kit 1984-90
38-0229 F Kit
Chrome Bolt Kit 1991-99
Gas Tank Mounting Kit includes chrome
countersunk washers and flat head allen
bolts. Mount lower front gas tank.
VT No. Fits
2072-4 1991-99 ST
2106-4 1998-up FLT
Gas Tank Mounting Kit includes chrome
custom acorn nuts, washers and stud.
VT No. Fits
2077-5 2000-up ST
2128-5 1984-99 ST
2000-up Chrome ST
Tank Mount Kit includes
all hardware and front bolt
with chrome cap nuts.
VT No. 37-9367
Gas Tank Mounting Kit includes chrome
custom acorn nuts, washers and studs.
Mounts gas tank on 1991-up Dyna.
VT No. 2076-10
Tank Mount Kits
1984-up ST
Fuel Tank Chrome Allen Mounting Hardware Kits.
VT No. Fits
37-9250 1984-89 Softail Models
37-9251 1982-up FXR Models
37-9294 1988-up FXRS Models
37-9252 1990-99 Softail Models
2072-4 1990-99 Softail Models
37-9253 1991-up Dyna Models
2076-10 1991-up Dyna Models
2077-5 2000-up ST
Custom Tank Mount Bolt Sets.
37-9329 1998-up FLT
37-9330 2000-up ST Lower
2000-up ST Tank Mount
Adapter Kit allows 1984-99
2 piece Bobs to be mounted
to 2000-up models and uti-
lize original dash panel.
VT No. 51-0519
Weld On Rear Tank Dowels are
tapped for 5/16 x 24 thread.
VT No. 51-0858