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Bobbed Tank Kits for FXD and FXR models are 4 gallon
available with chrome cast dash assemblies which include a
Bob type 6 post key switch and a plain dash base. Pre1995
units include a Bob speedo. 38-0178 kits include an adapter
ring to allow reuse of the existing electronic speedometer.
Chrome caps included.
VT No. Years
Ratio Model
38-0180 1990-94 2240:1 FXD
38-0178 1995-05
38-0181 1982-94 2:1
E-Z Bob Gas Tank for 1990-05 Dyna and 1982-94 FXR are a
one piece, 4 gallon unpainted tank with dash cut out which
includes a chrome dash panel. Bolts on with no additional hard-
ware. Tank with dash cut out requires purchase of complete
dash kit.1996-05 FXD requires purchase of VT No. 39-0124
Speedo Adapter to reuse existing speedometer in a bobbed
dash. Tank will accept stock dash from 1991-96 FXDWG.
Smooth tank fits 1991-05 all FXD-FXDWG.
VT No. Dash Cut
38-0123 With
38-0259 Without
38-0116 With
38-0081 Without
E-Z Bob Tank Kit for Dyna & FXR models, fea-
tures one piece 4 gallon design, which includes
chrome bung style late caps, and all necessary
mount hardware for installation. Kit also includes
a complete 3 light dash kit which includes a
plain dash base without wiring, Bob style
speedo, a 43" Speedo cable for front wheel
drive application and a late Bob type 6 post
chrome key switch. Units for 1995-up do not
include speedo or cable but include bracket to
mount stock electronic speedo from motorcycle.
VT No. Years
Ratio Model
38-0189 1990-94 2240:1 FXD
38-0190 1995-05
38-0126 1982-94 2:1
E-Z Bobs for Dyna &
Tank Assemblies sold with “Plain
Dash Base" are not designed to
be wired for instrument lighting.
Dash bases VT No. 39-0959 for 3-
light and VT No. 39-0960 for Cast
Dash are available separately for
builder requiring dash lighting.
Fuel Tank Chrome Allen Screws.
VT No. Year
37-9251 1982-94 FXR
37-9294 1988-94 FXRS
5 Gallon Extended
Gas Tank for FLT mod-
els including FLHT,
FLHR and FLTR mod-
els without fuel injec-
tion. Tanks include cus-
tom console to cover
OEM gauge sending
unit. Use standard bung
right and left caps and
petcock. Shorter seat
may be required.
VT No. Year
38-0255 1997-2003
38-0256 1989-96
E-Z Bob Tank Kit
for FLT models fea-
tures a one piece 4
gallon design tank
which includes
chrome bung style
caps and hardware
for installation.
1980-99 kits
include a chrome
cast dash, 5 lamp
dash base and a 6
post bobbed type key switch with a 2240:1 ratio speedo and
front wheel drive cable. Requires the use of solo seat or FXR
style seat for installation. 1980-85 models require drilling for
rear mount.
VT No. 38-0186
Tanks for FLT