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Sifton HSR42/45 Idle Speed Knob features stain-
less construction with knurls for hand adjustment.
VT No. 35-0543
HS42 To S&S E" Manifold
Adapter allows installation on
S&S "E" manifolds.
VT No. 35-9155
Yost Power Tube fits HSR42 models.
VT No. 35-9213
Breather Kit fits 1993-up BT.
VT No. Item
34-1261 Flange Ring
Mikuni HSR 42 Carb Kits for Big Twin or Twin Cam models.
Available as complete kits that include air cleaner or partial kits
that re-use stock intake manifold and air cleaner.
VT No. Fits
35-9315**1996-99 Evo Big Twin
**Note: Uses stock intake manifold and air cleaner assembly.
35-9319 1999-up TC-88
*Note: Includes carb, manifold and air cleaner assembly.
Mikuni Carb
Mikuni HS and HSR Jets.
Pilot Jets
Main Jets
VT No. Size VT No. Size
35-0800 22.5
35-0806 150.0
35-0801 25.0
35-0807 152.5
35-0802 27.5
35-0808 155.0
35-0803 30.0
35-0809 157.5
35-0810 160.0
35-0805 35.0
35-0811 162.5
35-0812 165.0
35-0813 167.5
35-0814 170.0
Jet Needles
Jet Needles
VT No. Size VT No. Size
Chrome Carb Support Bracket fits
HS 40/42 for 1984-99 Ev BT.
VT No. Item
31-0686 Bracket Only
34-0852 Bracket w/Breather Unit 92-99
Air Cleaner Adapter Plate will adapt any CV style 3-Bolt Air
Cleaner to the Mikuni as noted.
VT No. Size
34-0618 42 & 45mm CV
34-0834 42 & 45mm CV
34-0684 42 & 45mm S&S
48mm Evo
& Twin
Carb Kit
carb, Super
Flow intake
manifold, air
cleaner assembly and mounting hardware.
VT No. 35-0028
HSR-42 Velocity Stack
Kit includes chrome
bracket, stack and
adapter ring.
VT No. 34-1101
Chrome Billet Carb Bracket fea-
tures integral breather and
includes flange ring accepts CV
style air cleaners.
VT No. Item
34-1261 Ring
Yost Float Bowl Speed Screws fit all
Mikuni HSR 42, 45 and 48mm carbs. Set
of 4 machined stainless screws.
VT No. 35-0185