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Super B Body Rebuild Kit for 1
Super Carbs. Each kit contains 1-
throttle shaft, 2-throttle shaft bush-
ings, 1-throttle plate, 1-throttle
return spring, 2-throttle plate
screws, 1-O-Ring, and 1-bowl gas-
VT No. Item
35-0199 Kit
15-0298 Bowl Gasket
Accelo Bowls For S&S Carbs. Accelo bowl accelerator
pump/float bowl kits improve the performance of S&S Super B
& D carbs. Eliminates low end throttle hesitation & improves
starting. Two models available.
VT No. Use
35-4571 Use on S&S Super B & D carbs with 2
cable bosses on carb body, 1982-up
35-0362 Bracket for Above
35-4572 Use on S&S Super B and D carbs with
single cable boss on carb body, pre-1982
35-0203 Pump for Above
Note: Some machining to carb body is required,
complete instructions included.
S&S Replacement Float fits all S&S
Super B-E-G carburetors. For use with
wire type needle and seat.
VT No. 35-9183
Drill Fixture for Super Bowl allows installation
on Super B & D carbs.
VT No. 16-0984
S&S Master Rebuild
Kits. Complete carbure-
tor restoration can be
performed by using
Master Rebuild Kit. Refer
to Needle and Seat chart
for proper year identifica-
tion. Float Not Included.
VT No. Year
35-9142 1983 & Earlier
35-0204 1983-up
S&S Carb
Quick Change Float Bowl Screws for S&S Super models to
facilitate jet changes by easy bowl removal. Includes 4 knurled
screws with large slots in satin finish.
VT No. 37-8901
Adjustable Enricher for S&S (A) replaces stock fixed enricher,
adjust as motorcycle warms up. Makes for an easier starting.
Instructions and O-rings included. For Super B only.
Adjustable Main Jets for S&S (C) fits in float bowl drain plug
below main metering jet. The recommended main jet is 100 to
104. Fits Super B only.
VT No. # Item
35-0371 A Enricher
35-9168 B Jet Tool Install/Remove Jet on B & E carbs
35-0370 C Main Jet
S&S Super Allen Screw Sets include bowl air
cleaner and cover screws in chrome.
VT No. Type
37-9105 Super B
37-9106 Super E & G
S&S Super E and G Air Cleaner Support
Brackets. Fits 1966-82 FL-FX.
VT No. 34-0336
S&S Super Velocity Stack Kit includes stack, bracket and
enricher knob.
VT No. Type Finish Type
35-0653 S&S Natural E & G
34-1165 VT Chrome E & G
34-1177 VT Chrome B
Yost Spacers machined from billet
6061 aluminum and feature a pol-
ishable machined finish. Fits S&S E
and G carbs.
VT No. Carb Size
VT No. Carb
S&S Super B
Black Thunderjet fits G + D
S&S carbs for larger volume.
VT No. 35-0179
Accelerator Pump Adjusting
Screw Set allows adjustment
of idle and accelerator pump
by these T bar style screws
for ease of adjustment.
VT No. 35-0217