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V-Thunder Ev Pushrod Kits are made from .049 wall 4130
chromemoly steel. Exacting tolerances for reliability. VT No. 11-
7712 is a 2-piece style which can be removed or installed with-
out disassembling heads. These rods fit stock or Velva Touch
Lifter units.
VT No.
11-7710 Stock
11-7711 Stroker
11-7712* Stock
*Note: Saves time without the disassembling of the heads or
lifter blocks.
Comp Cams “Build Your Own" Stroker Pushrod Kits are
designed for stroker motors with tall cylinders. Feature 7/16"
diameter tubing in either .049 wall thickness with press-in ends
on .080 wall thickness with screw in ends.
VT No. End Type
11-7003 Press In
11-7004 Screw In
Sifton Solid Lifter
Kit for Evo 1340
includes 4 solid
lifter, standard size,
with rollers
installed and 4
adjustable alloy
VT No. 11-9630
Velva Touch Hydraulic Lifter Kits feature solid lifter perfor-
mance with hydraulic lifter convenience. The patented design
replaces aluminum lifter blocks with a cast iron alloy, and with
lifters that each have their own independent oil supply for
improved lubrication and enhanced tappet operation. Evo Kits
include lifters, lifter blocks, pushrods, pushrod covers, bolts and
Each kit is available with chrome or black lifter blocks. Stroker
pushrods are .250" longer than standard. For use with cams up
to .640 lift.
VT No. VT No. Application
Chrome Pushrod Type
Pushrods Only
10-5028 10-5022 Evo/Stroker
S&S Hydraulic Lifter Limited Travel Kit.
Designed to maximize the efficiency of the
stock hydraulic tappets. Kit consists of 4
machined heat treated and ground spac-
ers when installed in the tappets reduce
the travel of the hydraulic unit in high rpm
situations thereby eliminating potential
damage to the engine due to high rpm valve float. Under nor-
mal conditions they allow the tappets to operate as designed
resulting in low valve train maintenance and minimal noise.
T Kit will not fit the late stock replacement tap-
pets OEM# 18523-86B for 84-99 big twins. These tappets
have a smaller bore size and a larger spring diameter than
earlier versions. To obtain proper plunger position
adjustable pushrods must be use with the HL
T kit.
VT No. Fits
10-8532 Fits tappets w/.612 ID,1999-2002, OEM #18538-99B
10-8533 Fits tappets with .655 ID, 1986-2002
Cam/Pushrod Kits
Ev Pushrod Sets.
VT No. Type Style Year
11-9528 Stock Hyd 86-99
11-9536 Adj. Solid 84-E85
11-9537 Adj. Solid 86-99
Sifton Performance Cam Kit includes cam E-Z install
pushrods on Evo models and solid chrome moly type for
Shovels, chrome lifter bases and roller tappets. .495 lift.
VT No. 11-1600
Evo Pushrods