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Sifton Breather Canister features enclosed breather filter and
tube for attaching to breather cross over lines, which is held in
place by set screws. Bottom cover is removable for cleaning.
VT No. Item
40-0446 Canister
40-0449 Breather Tube Kit
40-0450 Tube Only
Sifton Dual Breather Kit includes 2 canisters, banjo tubes
and bolts for Evo and TC88 applications.
VT No. 40-0436
Sifton Dual Canister Set includes hardware for both Ev and
TC-88 models.
VT No. 40-0452
Breather Canisters
Chrome Billet Single Breather Canister
fits cross over metal tubes. Grind down ferule
on end of cross tube to install.
VT No. 40-0345
Chrome Billet Canister Set includes bolts for Ev and TC-88
VT No. 40-0346
Sifton Dual Breather Kit includes 2 canisters and banjo tubes
with hardware for Evo and TC-88.
VT No. 40-0451
40-0346 installed on 34-1174
Sifton Dual Vent Kit
includes 2 vent canis-
ters, banjo bolts for EV
and TC-88 models with
necessary fittings.
VT No. Type
35-0441 Sifton
35-0432 Doherty
*Note: Order 34-0500 fittings for 35-0432.
Chrome Mini
Breather Set
includes tie wraps.
VT No. 40-0588