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Air Cleaner Breather Manifold Kits to fit custom air cleaners
to motors with the internal breathing system. Kit includes
chrome breather manifold, chrome banjo bolts, chrome air
cleaner support brackets, gaskets and instructions. Fits air
cleaner and models noted.
VT No. # OEM
Fits/Air Cleaner
35-9254 A 29310-93 1993-99 BT Round
1993-up Round
31-0430 B 29283-92T 1993-up BT except FXD
35-0670 Tube Only 1993-up BT
35-0731 Pair
Banjo Bolt only, 1992-99 EV
35-0732 Pair
Banjo Bolt only, 1999-up TC-88
14-0975 For Above O-Ring
Sifton Braided Hose Crankcase Breather Kit features
" I.D.
stainless steel braided hose attached. Includes breather filter
(with mounting stud), 24" hose and hardware. Air cleaner and
carb support bracket must be purchased separately. Fits 1993-
up Big Twin custom applications only.
VT No. Item
40-0570 Breather
35-0126 Bolt Kit
Y" Breather Kit includes fittings to fit Ev, TC-
88 or XL 1991-up with breather. Drill and tap
frame to connect.
VT No. 35-0578
Breather Kits
Breather Washer Set fits 1993-up BT, 1991-
up XL models.
VT No. 35-0755
Chrome Air Cleaner Support
Brackets are for installing the custom
round or teardrop air cleaners. Fits 84-
92 Evo BT. Replace 9208-87T.
VT No. 31-3941
1993-99 Ev Chrome Breather and
Bracket Kit includes miniature
screw in breather units that secure
bracket to cylinder head. For use
with CV type carb and air cleaner.
VT No. 34-0850
Chrome Air Cleaner Bracket for Evolution BT mounts to
boss on engine heads to support custom air cleaners.
VT No. Year
31-4041 1984-89
31-4191 1984-89 with choke bracket
31-3962 1990-92 CV
31-0750* 1993-up
*Note: To be used with breather kit.
Sifton Mini-Breather Bolt Kit. Unique
chrome breather cups have built in mount
bolt for BT models.
VT No. Year
40-0453 1992-99 BT
40-0454 TC-88
Billet Air Cleaner Mount Set will
mount air cleaners with flat backing
plates to EV and TC-88 models.
Offset Billet mounts feature built in
breather passage that feeds inside air cleaner housing.
Brackets can be rotated to proper position, then by drilling the
back plate. Threaded breather nipples will fasten back plate to
VT No. Year
34-0750 1991-99
34-0751 2000-up
Breather Bolts fit 1993-up BT models. 35-0578 has thru vent
VT No. Year
35-0731 1992-up Ev Hex
35-0732 1999-up TC-88 Hex
34-0578 1999-up TC-88 Nipple
35-1706 1992-up Ev NPT
Extended Breather Bolts allow mount-
ing of air cleaner to breather bolt stand
use with banjo set or cross line for
breather connection.
VT No. Type
35-0136 TC-88
35-0129 EV/XL
35-0144 Banjo Set
34-1186 Adapter
Breather Bolt and Banjo Kit includes bolts for both Evo and
TC88 applications and 2 banjos to accept
" hose.
VT No. Item
34-0500 Without tee
34-0808 With tee
37-0985 Ev Nylon Washers
37-0986 TC-88 Nylon Washers
37-0989 TC-88 Alloy Washers