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Evo Pushrods
Install Pushrod
Sets are
designed to be
installed without
removal of rocker
boxes or cylinder
heads. Precision
made from 4130
chromemoly tub-
ing. Fits Evo Big
Twins 1984-99.
VT No. 11-9707
Tapered Adjustable Pushrods are manufactured from 4130
steel with hardened adjusters and ball ends. Designed to be
installed without removing gas tank, rocker box or camshaft
cover. Set of four. Fits Evo Big Twin Hydraulic or Solids.
VT No. Brand
11-9702 Rivera
11-9711 Sifton
Screamin’ Eagle Pushrod Sets are E-Z install type are
designed to be installed without removal of the heads or rock-
er boxes. Rods feature chromemoly tube construction with
rolled thread adjusters. Fits Evo 1340.
VT No. 11-7713
Solid Lifter Adapter Kit permits use of hotter cam to run solid
lifters by deactivating the hydraulic portion of the stock lifter,
uses stock pushrods for 1340 models.
11-9542 18500-84 1984-E85
11-9543 18507-85 L1985-99
Andrews E-Z-Install EV-80
Pushrods are available in either
aluminum (6061T6) or steel
(4130 moly). Kits include 4
adjustable steel or aluminum
pushrods which will install with-
out removing tanks or rocker
VT No. Type
11-9221 Aluminum
11-9224 Chromemoly Steel
Andrews Pushrods
available in chrome
moly steel or alu-
minum, adjustable of
fixed type as noted.
All are stock diame-
ter, so there is no
cover interference.
VT No. Adjustable
11-9865 Aluminum
11-9866 Moly
Crane Adjustable Pushrods made from 3/8" aircraft grade
seamless 4130 chromemoly steel tubing and heat treated to
128,000 psi tensile strength for a stronger and lighter than stock
pushrod. New style adjuster helps minimize the effects of poor
pushrod geometry found in stock pushrods, 3/8" diameter elimi-
nates pushrod “rub" completely. Set contains 2 intake and
exhaust pushrods. These are not the time saver type.
VT No. Fits
7132-89 With stock hydraulic lifters
7132-96 With long stroker cylinders
Crane Adjustable Pushrods fit BT Evo
Hyd. & Mech. and Shovel Mech. Installs
without disassembling engine, saves 75%
labor time. Adjusts from 9.500" to 11.500".
Precision made 4130 Chromemoly, 7/16"
diameter tubing.
VT No. 7132-64
7132-64 Detail