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Power Commander III USB Engine Management Systems
for Fuel Injected Models. Allows for both fuel and ignition adjust-
ments. Each unit includes a specific map, designed to improve
performance over stock. The Power Commander includes an
IBM compatible link cable and software package which allows
you to fully map the fuel ignition curves on an IBM compatible
computers. If a computer is not available, the fuel curves can be
adjusted by using three touch buttons on the face plate.
VT No. Year
32-3001 1997-98 Evo Big Twins
32-3007 1999-01 TC-88 Touring
32-3004 2002-06 TC-88 Touring
32-3003 2001-06 TC-88 Softail
32-3005 2002-06 V-Rod
32-3008 2004-05 TC-88 Dyna
32-3011* 2006- TC-88 Dyna
32-3012* 2007-up FLT
32-3013* 2007-up FXST
32-3014* 2007-up Dyna
*Note: Includes O
Twin Tec TCFI Fuel Injection Kit for 2001-up TC-88 with
Delphi Fuel Injection System. Includes plug in fuel injection con-
troller, PC link, interface cable, Wego wide band exhaust gas
oxygen sensor and weld nut for exhaust pipe.
The TCFI solves tuning problems with highly modified engines.
Fully programmable plug in replacement for Delphi Controller.
Allows programming of advance curves, idle air control includ-
ing idle RPM and cold start characteristics.
The TCFI communicates diagnostic information by blinking
codes on the check engine LED. The unit also has a built in
data logging that stores data for the last 15 minutes of opera-
tion. Fits all 2001-up.
*Note Oxygen sensor must be installed in rear exhaust pipe.
VT No.
*Note: Same features as 32-1016 with the addition of extended
data logging and diagnostics.
Fuel Injected
Pro EFI Race Tuner. This software package will make tuning
the EFI models a professional endeavor. It is divided into two
• Data (Real Time)
• Tuning Changes
The kit includes
• CD Software
• User’s Manual
Requirements for use are Windows 98, a CD-ROM, serial port,
32MB RAM, 10MB hard drive and a highly skilled technician.
Replaces 32107-01H. Order cable to connetc tuner to PC sepa-
VT No. Item
32-0380 Tuner
32-0892 Cable
Vance & Hines Fuel Pak. A throttle
position sensor based system that sim-
plifies the process of fuel injection tun-
ing. Enables you to fine tune the fuel
mixture throughout the entire RPM
range. No computer or software is required. Simply punch in
the values supplied with the fuel pak. Requires use of high
performance air cleaner.
VT No.
32-0293 2001-up FXST models
32-0291 2004-up FXD, 2002-up V-Rod
32-0292 2002-up FLHT, FLHR