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Ignition Modules
TC-88 Performance
Ignition Systems for
Carbureted only.
Available with 6200
RPM limit for engines
with slight modifications
and stock compression
or 7000 RPM limit for engines with raised compression, Big Bore
Cylinder & Performance Cams installed.
6200 RPM
Models Years
32-8204 31710-01 Dyna 1999-up
FXST 2000-up
32-8205 32721-01 FLT 1999-2001
7000 RPM
32-8206 31713-01 Dyna 1999-up
32-8207 32724-01 FLT 1999-01
Twin Tec External Ignition for
1999-up Carbureted Twin Cam
Models. Wide timing advance
adjustment range accommo-
dates stock to highly modified
engines. Digitally set RPM Limit
(100 RPM Steps). Selectable
multi-spark mode for quick start-
ing & smooth cruise. Coil outputs
protected against short circuits. Billet aluminum housing with black
anodized finish. Easy plug-in installation supports all sensors including
theft/security module.
VT No. Years
32-1008 1999-02
32-1014 2003-up
Twin Tec External Plug In Ignition
for 1990-99 Evolution Big Twins
features 4 rotary switches used to
set the operating modes such as
single or dual fire, adjust the timing, advance and select RPM limit. Two
diagnostic LEDís indicate status and start of the VOES switch. The
status led is also used for static timing as it will flash when the engine
reaches top dead center.
VT No. Item
32-1006 1990-94 with 7 pin Connector
32-1007 1995-99 with 8 pin Connector
Vacuum Switch Assembly
32-9079 26557-83 1984-90 All FXR
32-9080 26558-84 1984-90 FXST 1986-89 All FLT
32-9082 26555-91 1991-93 All FLT
32-9083 26566-91 1991-95 All FXST-FLST,
Dyna & FXR
32-9084 26555-94 1994-98 All FLT
32-9156 26566-96 1996-99 FXST-FLST
32-9157 26569-96 1996-98 Dyna
Replacement Ignition Modules bolt-
on replacements. Harness 32-9014
required as noted.
32-9016 32405-91A 1984-95 Evo BT, except 94-95 FLT
32-9322 32426-94 1994-95 FLT
32-9321 32449-95A 1996-99 All BT
32-0527 32568-00A 2000-up FXST
32-0528 32478-99A 2000-up FXD, FLT
32-9014 32408-90A Harness for installing the above
Chrome Accel Rev Master /is
pre-set by the rider to a specific
R.P.M. Limit. When engine speed
reaches limit, the Rev Master inter-
rupts coil triggering, preventing
engine damage due to over-
revving. Measures 4
x 2
Includes instructions. Fits all 1948-99 Big Twin.
VT No. 32-0152
S&S Spark Technology Ignition System features an ECU
module that will automatically adjust ignition timing. When deto-
nation is detected by knock sensor, the ECU retards the ignition
timing to prevent engine damage. When detonation is not pres-
ent, ignition timing is advanced for maximum power and econo-
my. Additional features include: Simple installation--plugs into
stock harness, No timing adjustments, 7000 RPM rev limiter,
single fire operation, automatic dwell adjust, short circuit and
reverse polarity protected.
VT No. Fits
32-1013 Module
Installation Kit
32-7805 2004-2006 carburetored TC-88 models
32-1012 1999-2003 carbureted TC-88 models
32-1049 1995-99 carbureted Big Twins
Ignition Module Adapters allow use of seven pin module
(1991-93) going to eight-pin Deutsch (1994-99) wiring harness
or an eight pin module going to a seven pin harness. Can not
be used on EFI models.
VT No. Fits
32-0085 7 Pin Adapter to 8 Pin Module
32-0086 8 Pin Adapter to 7 Pin Module
Performance Ignition Modules. 6000 RPM.
32-9013 32421-85A 1984-93 Evo Big Twin
32-9324 32595-96 1994-95 FLT
32-9325 32596-96 1984-95 BT
32-9326 32630-96 1996-99 Evo BT
Note 1: Cannot be used on EFI models.
Note 2: Use 32-9014 harness to install ignition module on all pre-90 models.